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Theives Meeting
The Meeting Will Be At
Zoid Theives Chat Room will be at 10:00 on Yahoo Chat if the room isn't there it's going to be at 11:00 p.m Friday (central time)
Rank of Thief
1. Command Theif
2. Advance Theif
3. Dark Theif
4. New Theif
5. Theif
!None of This!
If you are a member of the Gardian Force or any other
kind of police force you are ~NOT WELCOMED~
Are 2 most powerful Zoids that we have.
If your 1 of the first 2 people to reach Command
Theif you will recieve one of these Zoids.
Theives start off with a Command Wolf or Helcat.  New Theif; Dark Theif choose from an Iron-Kong or Shadow Fox. Adavnce Thief; Command Theif can get one of these: Liger Zero, Blade Liger, Sheild Liger or Liger Zero Jager, for close combat, for arial attack, a Redler, Hammerhead, or Storm Sworder.(for all except Theif and New Theif
*Zoid Theives Hideout*
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