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Welcome to our geocities Heldensanger portal by which you can access MetroWest Vocal Arts and Bonito Bel Canto web pages (hyperlinked below).

In the German fach system, the word "helden" means heroic, and is often applied to heroic tenors or heroic sopranos who sing the larger-than-life romantic characters of myth and legend. Used here, heldensanger is a generalization that can apply to anyone who embarks on a personal musical quest---they who summon the courage to go on stage to sing, speak, act, and dance before hundreds of people, have to face and conquer many obstacles and trials: vocal, musical, cultural, physical, financial, and personal. A dedicated singer who braves such a hero's journey, is worthy of the title heldensanger.

The HTMLs associated with this index page focus on the artistic lives of Marco Bonito and Susan Benner-Bonito, two vocal musicians who have dedicated themselves to teaching and promoting vocal artistry. Susan and Marco are well-trained and highly-experienced singers who are willing to share their skills and talents with those who are of kindred spirit. If you are curious or brave, or have a thirst for vocal knowledge, you may be ready to embark on your own hero's journey.

We provide instruction about the physiology and acoustics of vocal sound, and can teach you how to sing wisely in effective and healthy ways. We can help correct your vocal and musical problem areas, clarify your artistic focus, and polish your presentation and deportment. Public speakers can also benefit from proper vocal training, particularly in regard to problem areas of poor diction and vocal fatigue. If you wish to add music enrichment to your pre-school, community-school, or home-school, or if you desire assistance with your community-chorus, church-choir, or musical-theater, we can help in those regards also; be sure to contact us to secure our assistance.

Call us at (508) 634-8873. For written response,you may e-mail us at susan.bonito@juno.com or msbonito@mac.com  or write to 21 Wood Drive, Mendon, MA 01756.

For additional information, Yahoo- or Google-search on "Marco Bonito" or "Susan Bonito"  and/or visit our other geocities pages.

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