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CHINESE MASTER - Autism Treatment and Herbal Autism Research.

In Malaysia, KL Kuala Lumpur has one Chinese Master (The Fourth Generation) comes from a long line of family Chinese medical practitioners. Fourth Generations, more than 145 years in practice in Kuala Lumpur, his family passes on to Chinese Master all the family's discipline of studies. Groomed by his father and uncle from an early age, he is considered by many to be gifted in this field. Some say, "IS IN HIS BLOOD" others says "DALAM TULANG DIA".As his reputation grew people from all over soughed his gifted treatment.

In 1992, two representatives from Suzhou Acupuncture Institute and Association, a subsidiary of Beijing International Acupuncture Institute and Association, visited Malaysia to observe and identify the standard of practitioners and acupuncture institute. During their visit, they were astonished the acupuncture skill and in-depth knowledge of medical discipline. Observing Chinese Master the way he consulting his patients, they were taken aback by the remarkable recovery of patients.

They show impressive over the in-depth explanation of the formation of some special diseases and its theory of eliminating those unusual sickness. Mr. Chou Yang, the secretary of Suzhou Acupuncture Institute and Association say that"Some of the astrological and timing applications of acupuncture and medication has been forgotten by most of the China's practitioners.

They were attempted to compare and collect information of practice which originated from China, (which still in practice) and realized that Chinese Master is one of the few that acquired such skills.

Mr. Chou Yang exclaimed that like all the ancient superb swordsman, precious swords were bestow upon the warriors of merit. So Chinese Master, like the ancient swordsman but in the modern world of medical, has gained such recognition. The two representatives then proceed to present the set of green bronze antique needles reputed to be artifacts dating back to the Han Dynasty (2, 500 years ago) as the Honorable Merit Award for recognizing his skills as a 'FIRST CLASS WORLD PHYSICIAN'.

* This is the first time China given such award to a physician in South-East Asia. One of special area is Chinese Master's Neuro Qi Qong Acupuncture and herbal powder to treat Autistic Autism kids.

Chinese Master has been treating Autism Autistic kids from 1984 and many research has been done on all Neuro complications and Brain problems in Malaysia China Town. From ur previous research on Tongue Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Hand's Acupuncture, Feet Acupuncture all have been research since 1984 and over thousands of cases, by today Chinese Master have provide that his NEURO ACUPUNCTURE is the best result from all these years of research in all different kids of Acupuncture for Autism 7 days a week, 12 months a year, from 1984. All have been provide by Chinese Master.

There are many different types of Autistic kids and all of them have different way of improvement and rate of recovery.

The earlier your kid start the better chance of getting recovery faster.

Herbal Autism

Herbal Brain Powder is a Formula contain 100% herbal remedy which has been specially formulated from Chinese Master forefather until now( more then 145years-1992), to treat the symptoms of ADHD, Autism in children and adults alike. Focus on ADHD Autism comes in powder form and is easily administered as mixed in some juice or water.

The herbal brain powder is made in a special "woo Loo" that have special medical effects since many years ago. These special procedure is being past down from 4th. Generations of practice and further improved to suit the treatment cure for all these autism kids and ADHD kids.

For intensive treatment your autistic kid may need 3 times of dose a day.

Formula for Chinese Master's herbal brain powder can be effective for severe or stubborn cases or for children with defiance and anger problems.

For order Autism herbal, your can visit: Enquiry form order for herbal.