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Huang-Chin Hung

Something about me

So you want to know more about me? Lets start from the very beginning. I am born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I came to USA. at 1996 for my graduate study. Back then I thought it would be a nice break from my full time job, never knowing I'll stay here for good. Now, at age of 32, I sit in front of computers all day long to make a living. I have a PH.D in chemical engineering and my expertise is molecular dynamics simulation for bio-molecules. It can be fun to watch those tiny, colored balls (atoms) envolove into something big and meaningful. It's those molecules that enable us to breath, walk, eat and think. I like to watch movies/TV, work out, play computer games and learn Spanish. Sometimes, but not often, I gamble a little bit but only when the odds are in my favor. My most recent interest is investing my hard earned money.

My wife, Pi-Peng Hung

My lovely wife is beautiful, smart, elegant, graceful and much more. She has a law degree but unfortunately she doesn't have a work permit to work in USA yet. Right now her habbit is to buy/sell on Ebays and work on her own website

What's new

Spring is finally here! The rainy winter is finally over and pretty flowers are everywhere. Lots of Bees are collecting honey just outside of our apartment. We had to close our windows all the time so the bees won't get in our house by accident. Those pretty flowers really stink, but I guess those bees don't mind at all. I took some pictures on my way home from my office. You can see them here

Where I grow up

Where I work

What I do for a living

What I do for fun


Where I graduated

1998-2002 Wayne State University MI USA

1996-1998 Syracuse University NY USA

1989-1993 National Taiwan University Teipei Taiwan

Where Pi-Peng graduated

1998-1999 Indiana University IN USA

1997-1998 Syracuse University NY USA

1989-1992 National Taiwan University Teipei Taiwan