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    This site is dedicated to my personal rescued dogs and their friends.  I primarily rescue boxers that are owner surrenders and homeless boxers that end up in the local kill shelters in the Owensboro, KY and surrounding areas.

     If you are looking for a boxer or any new pet to become a member of your family, please research which breed characteristics fit best with your family.  Breed research is the KEY to finding the perfect addition for a perfect fit with your lifestyle.

Click on my name to check out my page and read my story.   I am a real, live, momma's boy.  I didn't know life could be so good. 
Click on my name to check out my page and read my story.  I am the thief in the family.  House shoes, gloves, car towels and toilet paper are not safe, neither are the neighbors shoes or garden gloves.  They have ratted me out more times than I can remember.
Please consider a rescue or shelter dog.  They are looking for their forever home and would love to make it yours.