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The Setting:

Deep within the jungles of China, a beautiful young woman was walking back to her villiage with a load of food. She was all alone, which was usually fine, but this day was an exception. Suddenly, a bear came charging straight at her roaring loudly, and looking generally viscious and deadly. She turned away and started to run, only to see a large and powerful tiger charging at her from the other direction. She stood there, paralyzed with fear and utterly unable to move...

Suddenly, two men jumped out of nowhere, one of them knocking out the bear with a single punch, and the other kicking the tiger in the side of the head, and knocking it unconscious. Both of the men dusted their hands off, and turned to look at the woman they'd saved, taking note of her exceptional beauty.

The woman, still somewhat shaken, but feeling very happy to be alive, said, "Oh, thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done without your help..." Both men smiled proudly. She went on, "I've never felt so scared in my life, but I'm so happy now that you're here."

The two young men blushed a bit, hearing words like that from the woman. They both wanted to say something to her, to comfort her, but each felt too shy to speak. She noticed the pause, and then looked back and forth between them, saying, "Please, give me your name... both of you...."

At this point, they both said, "Both of you?" Looking around, the men noticed each other, having believed up to that point that they had been alone with the Chinese girl. Neither was too happy to have the intimate moment spoiled.

The first to speak was the one who had taken out the tiger. He was somewhat effeminate looking, but in a way that made him look attractive. The pantyhose sash that he wore over his shoulder didn't make him appear any less effeminate either. He said to the other guy, "We appreciate your help, but I can assist her from here. Please don't worry about it."

The other young man, dressed in a black tank top and camouflaged army-style pants, looked the other guy over a moment, and then said, "Oh no, don't be silly. I'll help this young woman get where she wants to go, you can continue on your way." Neither of their tones sounded very sincere.

The pantyhouse man said, "I must insist. I REALLY wouldn't want to inconvenience you..."

The camouflage wearing guy retorted, "No, I'll be fine, believe me. It's you that I'm worried about." Their conversation had just turned from attempts to get rid of each other to thinly veiled threats of violence. The pantyhouse man didn't like this, and said, "If you know what's good for you, you'll take my generous offer!"

"Maybe you ought to take mine, pretty boy!"

"What did you call me, you moron? I was here first, and anyway, any weakling can beat up a bear."

"You're calling me a weakling now? I'm gonna make you pay for that!"

As all this was going on, the Chinese girl just sweatdropped, and quietly walked away as they argued.

The pantyhose man took a moment to calm himself down now that the challenge had been laid. He said, "So... it's a fight you want, is it? Well, I'll be more than happy to give you one. However, I can't promise that I'll leave you in one piece." He started chuckling ominously as thunder clouds roared above, threatening rain.

The other man gave a 'hmph' and cracked his knuckles. He said, "I don't know who you are, but you're not going to get any mercy from me. I, Ryuu Kumon, will send you to your maker!" They stared at each other for a moment, ready to fight, Ryuu looking ready and determined, and the Pantyhose man looking quite smug as the sky looked very dark and rain seemed imminent.

[NOTE: Assume that Ryuu will use his Yamasenken at some point in this fight... If he didn't, it wouldn't be quite as balanced as I had intended it to be, since we really have no idea how strong Ryuu is without the Yamasenken techniques.]


Ryuu Kumon


Pantyhose Tarou

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