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That's right this is a quality MUGEN character page. No more peices of crap. Remember this is geocities so this site might go down from time to time.

July 23, 2002: I guess I forgot to tell you... I made a Lycos site. probably not going to update this one anymore.

May 3, 2002: Finally added Goten88's link to the site.

APR. 30, 2002: Holy hell! I haven't updated in a while. Well i'm not dead, but I am still in a rut. I feel a strange urge to work on Vegeta.

APR. 8, 2002: I was in a bit of a slump for the past few weeks, but I think it's clearing up.

MAR. 17, 2002: As I said before "Man days seem to be flying by..." As you can see I changed the layout let me know what you think at the poll. It's at the bootom of this page. Tien goes well.

MAR. 13, 2002: Man days seem to be flying by... Anyway Sam has been halted so I can work on the Mugen game SB4. My first char is Tien.

MAR. 9, 2002: I went snowboarding (for the first time) this weekend. It's alot of fun except for that falling down part. Well I made a Sam animation check it out. It's a non-ingame animation.

MAR. 3, 2002: After a bit of computer trouble i'm back (again). Well i'm halting Vegeta for a bit to work on my next WIP go check it out. And the ZGTeam site is haveing some technical problems.

FEB. 19, 2002: Well i'm pretty bad at updateing. I had a birthday, and i had the flu all weekend but i'm back and kickin. Updated the WIP section with some of the Vegeta features i'm working on.

JAN. 31, 2002: Turned the banner into a jpeg for easier loading and low bandwidth consumption. I don't notice much dithering. Do you?

JAN. 29, 2002: Holy I haven't updated in a bit.... well Vegeta is coming along great. I was accepted into the ZGTeam so i'll be putting up some links soon.

JAN. 20, 2002: *early* Well I got alot of feedback on Vegeta and alot of suggestions. No I will not add a beam. Yes I will be updateing with super chaining and such.

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