About Hidaya
Hidaya (He-dah-ya)  meas "Beautiful" in Swahili, which is the most widely spoken African language, with more than 80 million speakers in East Africa and Central Africa, particularly in Tanzania (including Zanzibar) and Kenya. Being that the creator of this business is a woman of African decent, she chose this name because it reflects what every woman is in her own way.  Hidaya Hair Stylez  started with her love of brading which is an African/African American Tradition.  This Ethnic Oasis is based out of St. Louis, MO and brings you the latest in style. Hidaya focuses on the care of NATURAL HAIR meaning that NO chemicals are being used to alter ones texture. Since natural (Nappy) hair is seen as bad and needs to be "fixed", we stongly celebrate and encourge other women of color to embrace and see the "real them" as beautiful! However, we do not frown upon women with relaxers, texturzers, or perms; we'd rather educate then hate. We specialize in braiding, and weaving. Please take some time to view our website.
About The Creator
  Chi-Chi has been creating styles for 9 years.  When asked why she loved hair, she said, " I look at  hair as a blank canvas. I add my charisma and put my heart into every style. I know that a hair style can totally change the way a person feels and I admire taking part in their experience. Every woman who sits in my chair is already beautiful in her own way; I just look at a hair style as an accessory."
    Aside from hair, Chi-Chi is a writer and a performer. She's perfomed in many open mic contests as well as singing. She enjoys designing clothing,  jewelry, and hand made body and hair products on the side. " In the future, I plan to own a clothing and jewelry line, a couple of spas, a health and wellness store, and natural beauty supply stores."

Life is not about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself.- Unknown