MapleStory HiddenClass guide
MapleStory HiddenClass guide
There is a hidden class hidden in MapleStory, the "Novice".
It's very dificult to make it, because you need to be a level 30 beginner, and you need the right stats too. But the class has some awesome skills, underpowered, but extremly funny.

On this page I'll explain the details of becoming a Novice.

There is a picture of the Class evolution I made myself.
3rd job isn't relased yet, so I could only make a Novice, and couldn't advance to anything higher, but my friend says he viewed the source code, and could see classes named "Adept" and "Expert"

Apart from the Novice guide, I also have a basic guide for the normal classes too!
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Happy Mapling!
Novice Class Tree
Becoming a Novice
Screenshot Album
My Story/Guide
Normal Class Guides
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