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The next episode to air in the US is:
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"Second Chances"
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New Information for Next Three Episodes
06/27/07 -- Posted By: Andrew
The generic descriptions for the last three episodes of the season have revealed some plot events that the CW didn't. The new information is below.
"Dangerous Liaisons" (TONIGHT, 8PM EST) -
Bob gets jealous when Skip flirts with Karen because it reminds him of how he met her.
"Stand by Your Woman" (TONIGHT, 9PM) -
Maria sends Skip an incriminating video.
"Second Chances" (July 4, 8PM)-
Cliff tries to get Nikki to give him a second chance.

And don't forget to check out the
Episode Guide, which recently got a face-lift! Hopefully, it's easier to read now.
New Interviews
06/27/07 -- Posted By: Andrew
CW Source has just added part one of a two part interview with Leslie Jordan (Jesse Jo). Click
here for it.
Brian Lynch has alerted us that
BuddyTV recently did an interview with Michael Cassidy (Cliff). Click here for it. It is available in text and audio format.
TONIGHT: Series Finale?
07/04/07 -- Posted By: Andrew
Tonight the CW will air the finale of
Hidden Palms, titled "Second Chances," at 8 PM ET/PT. Hidden Palms creator Kevin Williamson says that a lot will be revealed tonight and we will find out what really happened to Eddie Nolan.

He also says that the answers that come tonight will open up a "whole new can of worms" which will be explored in a potential Season Two (which he claims has already been "sketched out"). The CW has been promoting tonight's episode as the
series finale, meaning we may never get to find out the resolution to tonight's cliffhangers or what will become of our favorite Palmers. If you want to see more of Hidden Palms, you must act fast! The "Save Hidden Palms" campaign will end July 11 (next Wednesday), and let's make it go out with a bang! Hidden Palms Fansite has all of the details, including postcards, donations, an advertisement in Variety, and contacting your local CW affiliate, so click here to read the "Palm Fan's Last Stand" article.

Remember, you can still email the CW at
feedback@cwtv.com; call them at 818-977-2500 (Main Number) and 818-977-6878 (Comment Line); and mail them at:

The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg #168
Burbank, CA 91522

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