Hidden Star Farm - Be a Part of the Legacy

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Welcome to Hidden Star Farm. We are located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, which is a fantastic location for us- surrounded by beaches, state parks, and numerous other equestrian facilities, we are minutes away from some of the best places to ride as well as the most popular equine events in the state. Our 350 acres of land was purchased in the fall of 2007, it isn't just equine facilities. Of our land, 200 acres is devoted to growing some of the highest quality hay you'll find in this region. It is a huge undertaking, but one that is done with just as much enthusiasm.

Our main goal at HSF has always been to breed, train, and show quality horses. We have many different types of horses here, but all of them share a few things in common- they are here because they are some of the best in conformation, temperament, and performance ability. None of our horses are "just average"- they all have something special that separates them from the rest and caught our eye. Each and every horse has a job to do to earn their keep here, and they do it with enthusiasm.

We look forward to what the future is sure to bring for us, both regarding our farm and our horses. Feel free to join us on our journey, and be a part of the legacy at Hidden Star Farm!

Disclaimer: This page is part of a website connected to the SIM game Horses Forever. All information is purely fictitious. If any references are made to a real-life event or being, it is purely coincidental.