Managing & Evalutating School Design and Construction

Paradise Elementary

Designing Schools for Parallel Block Scheduling

As our nation's school facilities age, with the average school being over 42 years old, and as the school-age population increases, there is a "boom" in school facilities construction in the United States.

As communities and states work together to provide needed new facilities, these entities must plan schools which not only reflect their values and missions for student learning, but which also become a statement of a commitment to a design which will be an important part of the community for up to half a century.

One current model of scheduling is the parallel block. This model allows for extended learning/teaching time in math and reading of up to 120 minutes per day. This website, created for a project in Managing and Evaluating School Design and Construction class at the University of Georgia, encourages school planners to consider all aspects of design, including instructional focus combined with community beliefs and values, prior to actual construction.

Paradise Elementary School

  • School Focus
  • Small learning "houses"
  • Family and community oriented

  • Integrated/project-based learning
  • World class performance standards
  • Shared leadership
  • High level of technology/media use and production
  • Learning "beyond the building"