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The Higginbothams arrived in America in the mid 1700's from England, via the Barbados, settling first in Virginia, then scattering nationwide, with a large contingent in what is now West Virginia.  The Lanfords were in America even sooner, as were the Wrights.  Building a record of my family trees is an ongoing task that may never end, and as I add newly discovered information, I update my files  Currently I have over 10,000 individuals listed in the various trees and files
Higginbothams in the War of Northern Aggression
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Some of the Surnames that can be found in my Family Tree files are: Higginbotham, Lanford, Wright, Asbury, Baldwin, Boggess, Braddock, Brown, Darling, Hanna, Harrison, Hart, Johnson, Jones, King, Leatherwood, Meadows, Null, Roush, Shiverdecker, Smith, Totten, Watts, Withrow, Young, and many others.
Carrie May Rood Wright
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Hello, I'm glad you stopped by.  Here you will find some family tree stuff (for the genealogically minded), some pictures (many old but still interesting), some family historical stuff, and a few other surprises here and there.  I'll be adding stuff and changing stuff every now and then so keep coming back.  Please e-mail me if you have any comments or questions. 
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Sgt. Joseph Absalom Higginbotham
Captain William Aaron Higginbotham
Col. John Carlton Higginbotham
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Some pictures from my dad's side of the family dating from the early 1900's through the 1980's
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Some old pictures from my mom's side of the family
Socrates passed away July 26, 2008
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While there were some Higginbothams who fought for the "other side" during the War for Southern Independence, I choose to pay special attention only to a few of those who were on the right side of course
Col. John C. Higginbotham
Cousin John was a Colonel in the 25th Virginia Infantry when he was killed at the battle of Spotsylvania
Sgt. Joseph A. Higginbotham
Captain William A. Higginbotham
Cousins Joseph and William (brothers to each other) also were officers in the Confederate Army
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These genealogies include those for my Dad (Higginbotham), my Mom (Wright) and my Wife (Lanford)
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