Two thousand years ago, God undertook the longest skydive ever. Looking down from heaven, He saw a world full of evil and pain, but a world full of people He loved. Unable to ignore us, but knowing that we could never stand before Him in His glory, He chose the costliest option. Leaving heaven, He jumped. Onto this world, landing in a cattle stall in a small town in Israel. Leaving behind His splendour, but not His love or holiness. Growing up as a human in the real world, dying the most shameful death possible, so that He could draw the people He loves to Him. This is His Christmas present to us. How will we respond?

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'Highfield for Students' is part of Highfield Church, Southampton. If you're a student or a 'student-age' person please feel welcome to come along to anything that's happening! If you're a new student, a particularly warm welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time in Southampton!

NEW: 5th to 11th October 2003:
Week of Prayer for International Student Minstry in the UK

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02 / 10 / 03 Prayer and Programme
25 / 09 / 03 Complete re-doing
10 / 02 / 03 Starting to put Weekend Away stuff up
04 / 01 / 03 New year, new term and no apology for slackness
22 / 10 / 02 Relationships workshop; Alpha involvement
29 / 09 / 02 About Term 1 + general shimmying around
25 / 09 / 02 Freshers Week, etc
20 / 09 / 02 The Awakening Of HFS
?? / 06 / 02 Last update before bed

For more info on Highfield for Students please e-mail students@highfield.org.uk or phone the Church Office (023 8055 8234).

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