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ALL ABOUT HINDUISM is intended to meet the needs of
those who wnat to be introduced to the various facets of
the crystal that is Hinduism
A small booklet by late G.M. Jagtiani. He
was an ardent supporter of Sanatan
Dharma, a true Hindu. Read about Muslims'
terror and what Islam is all about?
Islamic Terror
Hindu Fasts/
All Hindus' Festivals have a deep spiritual
import or religious significance, religious,
social and hygienic elements in them.
Read about HH. Swami Sivananda's
explanation on the significance and
philosophy of Hindus Fasts & Festivals
Lord Shiva and

The Rape of Sind. For the first time on
the WWW, learn about the Muslims'
atrocities in the name of Allah and
Mohammed and the rape of young girls
and their mothers.

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The Land of India is my own body
Kanyakumari is my feet, the Himalayas my head
From my hair flows the Ganga, from head comes the
The Vindhyachalas are girt round my loins.
The Coromandel is my left and Kerala my right leg
I am the whole of India
and its east and west are my arms
and I spread them in a straight line
to embrace humanity
I am universal in my love
When I walk, I feel it is India walking
When I speak, I feel it is India speaking
When I breath, I feel it is India breathing.

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