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Welcome to my website, a site to share and exchange ideas and tips for the marine aquarium.
Be it a FOT ( Fish-only tank ) or Coral Reef Tank. I'm sure we all have many ideas and DIY plans

Let us keep this hobby as interesting as possible!

My Coral Reef

Presently i have reduced to number of tanks in my home ( due to space ) to only 1 .
My 90cm marine tank is still rather new but stable already as most of the live rocks were transfered from the previous tank.

Lets not wait and check out some pictures.

Pictures of 35gallon marine tank.


Newly setup Refugium for nutrients export.

DIY page ( Fishtrap ).

Updated pics of the 35gallon .

Full view of the tank. Left view. right view.

Corals in the 35gallon marine tank

Elegent coral. Various finger coral. Torch coral.
Green Trumpet coral. Green star polyps. Green open brain coral.

Other corals ( pictures not available yet )

Green Mushroom ,Watermelon Mushroom ,Orange spotted mushroom ,Purple spotted mushroom ,Plate cup coral.

Fishes in the 35gallon marine tank.

1 Blue Damsel ,2 Common clown ,3 African clown ,1 Coral beauty, 1 Blacktail humbug .

Inverterbrates in the 35gallon marine tank.

Red Marble starfish.

2 Cleaner shrimp, 10 turbo/Astrea Snails, 5 Blue banded hermit.

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My Coral Reef Tank setup.

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