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"A Little About Myself & Family..."

Hello, I am married and we have two children ages 12 and 14. We live in the U.S.A. on the East Coast; Richmond,Va . Our son has been very ill since he was a toddler and although we have experience many happy times there has also been many stressful times for our family. My hope with this website is to help other individuals and families by providing some helpful information that we as a family have learned over the years. We don't begin to have all the answers...but hopefully with the help of other families, individuals and experts that may have some helpful advice to share we can begin to touch the surface of how to make the best of our special life, especially
The Little Things That Mean So Much!

So,What Will You Find Here?...

As a Wife and Mother, much of my time is spent with trying to be a Advocate for both of my kids, dealing with many health related issues and having that quality time for my Family and friends. I also have a variety of other interest to share and this website will consist of many tid bits of information....So Enjoy!.....

*Family issues*

-The many issues of Family life and Friends when having a family member who requires a great deal of time and support.-

*The Library*

-A BIG list of Resource links for you to utilize. Everything from educational and learning disabilities to health information(adult and pediatric) and help with legal issues in regards to health and disability.-

"Autistic Spectrum Disorders"

Learning to hit the curveballs....

Aspergers Syndrome, P.D.D., High Functioning Autism and Autism. Information and Resources....


Click Here for my new page with "Detailed Autistic Spectrum Information"

This includes overview of symptoms, Medical evaluations, treatments, and Assessments.


The Secret Garden of Porphyria...

A very special page of information about Porphyria. Dedicated to the adults and children with this condition.

*My Santity*

-Lists of great craft links...and my new favorite Scrapbooking-!


-A little bit of information on how to get started researching. And,A list of my favorite genealogy links.-

*Quotes & Inspiration*

Take a little deserve it!

*Cool Links*

-A list of some fun and interesting sites. Includes: Humor, Sites that do stuff,"My Favorites" and the daily comic "Gibbletoons."-

*The Hitman*

****Under of these days...****

Up to date Music information!

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Positive Steps

Let's do what we can to Stop School Violence.

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