Niigata City is a port city. We enjoy fishing well. We love outdoors and fishing.

Niigata West Port Do you Know Niigata City? It is one of international port cities in Japan.
I am going to show Niigata City and our outdoors, and provide some interesting informations about them, maybe those are never written in other sites.

I also provide some informations about fishing in Niigata in my another website. It is Sport Fishing in Niigata City and Japan. If you are an angler, why not visit it?

This site is growing now and I will update so often. Come again.

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Our soccer stadium named the Big Swan.
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  2. Landscapes in Winter
  3. I added a Rashu's picture in About me.
  4. FIFA World Cup will come.

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Our soccer stadium and the Toyano Lagoon,
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  5. Interesting pictures of nature
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  7. FIFA World Cup will come.
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