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The Armenian poetry, the Armenian land, Armenian songs, dance, music and culture have always been part and parcel of my very existence despite the fact that I have lived all my life in the Armenian Diaspora, namely - Iraq, India, England, Cyprus, Italy and now the United States. Themes about the fatherland and the Armenian spirit have been very sacred to me. Armenian poetry has been an inspiration to me. During moments of loneliness and solitude, I have always found shelter in Armenian poetry.

The determination to live and to preserve the Armenian heritage and culture have been exemplary throughout the Armenian history. For the last 3000 years or so many nations have passed through the Armenian lands, but have not been successful in getting their grip over the Armenian spirit. The Armenians have been able to withstand the terrors of the Romans, the Ottoman Turks and the Communist Russians. This is mainly because of the Armenians' firm belief in their culture.

In doing my translations, I have not committed myself to a time table or a research type of work. Nor have I targeted any one poet or poem. In general, I have translated those verses that have appealed to me through time and as I came across a number of them in various Armenian papers or those that have lent themselves to be translated. Poets have been listed in alphabetical order by last name.

A number of these poems have been published by the Glendale based "Nor Gyank" ( New Life ) Armenian/English weekly paper. I had always wanted to publish my collection of translated poetry in a book format to expose the Armenian culture through poetry to our new generation both at Home and in the Diaspora and to all those who are interested in our heritage and culture through poetry.

It is also hoped that my work will be of help to students who are interested in Armenian culture and specifically in Armenian literature and poetry. The success of this web page, however, will only be made by my readers and the comments made thereof.

My son, Hagop, realized my dream when he volunteered to set up this website. THANK YOU, HAGOP. This is indeed the beginning of a big project. It is hoped that this website will enable me to come up with more translations. At the same time I will be updating those that I have by shedding light on the poets themselves and identifying some of the Armenian proper names of authors and historic places.

Last, but not least, this bouquet of my translated poetry is dedicated to my wife, Anahid, and to my family who have always been very supportive of me and this project.

All comments may be directed to Daniel Janoyan. You may also leave a note on my guestbook.

Daniel Janoyan

December, 1999



Yeznig Balig
Garo Bedrossian
Alexander Dzadoorian
Sylva Gaboudikian
Saro Gumretsi
Vahram Hadjian
Jack Hagopian
Maria Hagopian
Moushegh Ishkhan
Avedik Issahagian
Daniel Janoyan
Victoria Krikorian
O. Mahdessian
Maro Markarian
Anahid Melkonian
Michael Nalbandian
Kegham Sarian
Haigouhi Seropyan
Baruyr Sevag
Hovhaness Shiraz
Seepan Shiraz
Yeghishe Tcharents
Vahan Tekeyan
Hovannes Toumanyan
Anahid Yeremian
Sisak Vardzabedian
Daniel Varoujan
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