Junkers EFo-021
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tansocean passenger airliner, 40 passengers, not built, cantilever monoplane

Junkers EFo-021 Airliner

The EFo021 was a transocean civil airliner design projected in 1938. The EFo 021-3 was the third design and was equipped with 3 x 2 tadem engines of 1100 kW each. The total take-off weight of the aircraft was about 61 tons including 40 passengers plus 3400 kg of cargo load. This take-off weight was six times larger than that of the Junkers Ju52. The passengers were accomodated in two decks.

The projected range was about 6000 kilometers, which made the design capable for transatlantic nonstop flights from Europe to New York. As crosswinds were to be expected on transatlantic flights, this range was calculated under an estimated crosswind of 60 km/h. The average speed was designed for 380 km/h, so that a transatlantic flight would have lasted less than 20 hours.

At least with the breakout of WWII the project came to an end. No further informations are available.

Technical Data:
Aircraft year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km
EF021 1938 2 x 3 engines with 1100kW 33,70 44,50 n.a. T/O 6100 40 pass. 425 6000

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