Junkers H22
(also: S22, T22, J22, Fili: Ju22)
fighter aircraft, F/F 30th November 1923, 2 built
single seater highlever monoplane, corrugated Duralumin
designed by
Ernst Zindel, supported by Plauth

Historical Data:

The Junkers J22 was the third developement, which was designed for the Fili production plant on behalve of the Soviet Forces. This aircraft was designed as a fighter aircraft and the principle design was based on the Junkers J21. As the high wing of the J21 caused construction failures in the outer flight envelope, the wing of the J22 was shouldered on the fuselage, instead of the front seat. Also the J22 got a new tail unit. Major problems were caused by missing an adequate engine for the J22 fighter. The old BMWIII engine was not strong enough for the Soviet demands. The further developement of the BMW IV, as well as the Junkers engines L2 or L5 were not available during 1923. Therefore the prototype was equipped with the unsatisfying BMW III engine. Zimmermann flew the J22 prototype, also designated as T22, first on November, 30th 1923. Further problems arised from the low wing, which did not offer enough view area towards the ground. Several modifications were performed on the design and the second prototype became available on June, 25th 1924.

The two prototypes were transfered to Fili for the Soviet type certification, but they failed to match the demands and the Soviets dropped their order for that aircraft. Type designators S22, T22 and H22 were intended for a Dessau production series, but due to the bad performance none was sold. The type designator Ju22 was intended for the Fili production line. None of these were built

Technical Data:
Aircraft year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km
J 22 1923 BMW IIIa (136kW) 6,60 10,00 15,00 710 260 1 pilot 220 450

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