Hello, I'm Sasa.


                                                  I am almost 4 years old.

Everyone think I'm a tomboy, I am just active.  But I have given birth to 2 litter of  babies   -  Evo is my son. 

My mummy bought me from Figtree Pet Shop... she was on the way to buy lollies, but she went home with me instead.  When I was a baby, I had really golden ears but that's not the case now.  Coz I have grown up.

At the beginning Mizu didn't like me, she kicked me down the stairs before.  I wanted to be friends but she growls at me... and it scares me.

We are very good friends now.  I even help look after her babies... and when she locks herself in the bathroom I go rescue her.

Aunty Silvia's high heals are my biggest fear... that's why I chew them all the time.  She can't hit me... no more.

Now... please enter to my photo page .................