Mymelody Product

My Melody Glass Cup and Saucer Set                                         $22.00

           This is such a cute delicate set. The tea cup is made of clear
           glass, and the saucer has My Melody sitting on it! Very
           cute.Size: (7" x 3" x 7") 02076 ...   

Hello Kitty Battery Operated Melody Mat                                     $24.00

            This melody mat is perfect for baby. No keys to get stuck, or            
             parts to remove ...   

My Melody Metallic Stickers                                                            $1.50

            These My Melody stickers are so sweet. They come in a long          
             row, and she's on a ...   

My Melody Lace Door Curtain: Cherry                                        $17.00

            So cute, and perfect for any My Melody collector. Display this          
             with pride in your home!Size: (33" x 35 ...   

My Melody Shoulder Bag: Flower                                                $15.00

             This is a spring inspired shoulder bag. Pink is so adorable             
              and the flower ... print just makes this bag more cheery. This           
              bag also comes with a cute My Melody dangle.Size: (9" x 7" x        
              4") 27181 ...   

My Melody Juice Cup                                                                       $5.25

            This is the cutest juice cup! It has My Melody and her friends on       
              it. Comes with a straw so your little one doesn ...   

My Melody Battery Operated Music Stick                                   $12.00

            Dance your heart out with this adorable battery operated music       
             stick. My Melody is the perfect music companion, since she             
             has big ears under her ...   

My Melody Pencil Sharpener: Dot                                                $14.00

            A great My Melody desk accessory. Set your pencil in and               
             crank from the back. The ...   

My Melody 2 Color Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil       $4.95

             Check out this cool pen and pencil combo! Perfect for your             
              bag so you don't have to carry around many different pens and       
              pencils. Keep it by the phone for taking quick ...   

My Melody 12 Color Pencil Set: Dot                                                $8.95

             A cute pencil set that comes in a case. You get 12 colors to            
              brighten up your days waiting for the warm weather to                      
              come.Size: (7" x 4") 29094 ...  

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