It was a Saturday afternoon; Marjorie was having her late lunch 

at the Cafeteria of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 

(HKAPA). She was going to have her painting class at the 

Arts Centre later. She put her art portfolio and case on a chair, 

and took out a sketch book from her portfolio. 

she always carried her sketch book and pencil, just in case... 

she saw something that inspired her. she would draw 

a quick sketch for everything that interested her, 

just like a diary.

Marjorie found a young girl dressed in a ballet costume, 

sitting a few tables away from her. She started to draw

 a quick sketch of her. She liked to draw girls in ballet costume, 

as she thought that they were so elegant and beautiful

 especially in a ballet posture. At this moment, the girl 

jumped to her feet, and snatched her bag on the chair 

and dashed out for her ballet class. Even though Marjorie

 still hadn't finished it, she could finish it from her imagination.

She raised her head, and found the table was occupied by 

another young man. It was Nick. 

She thought:  How come he is here! But he didn't see me, 

should I go to say hello to him? 

She didn't go, she just wanted to draw him.   

She turned a new page and sketched a quick outline of him,  

a side profile, and then his face, half turned towards her, 

was indistinct, due to the distance between them, 

so all the rest she could do was an impression from her memory. 

She finished her sketches to her satisfaction, 

and then she closed the sketchbook and dropped it on the chair.




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