It was really cold today. Marjorie was having her afternoon tea

at Délifrance in Time Square.  She sipped her coffee

slowly and allowed her thoughts to drift, to wander without

direction of purpose. She wasn't surprised when she found

herself lingering in the past. Everything seemed to remain

 the same, the place, the French songs, the wintry weather

of these days and even the air...

could bring her all the reminiscence of the past recollections... 

She hadn't seen or heard of him since... at that moment,

she seemed like hearing a familiar voice from

somewhere in her mind...

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?"

" this seat is vacant."

 She answered and felt a bit strange that many seats

in the restaurant were vacant. However she did not really

 look at his face and went on reading her book,

dunking a broken piece of baguette into her soup.

She felt that his eyes kept fastening on her; it made her feel

 a bit uneasy.

She thought : What' wrong with me?

 Did I leave any crumbs on my lips,

or what? She slowly turned to the mirror on the wall

 and tried to find out if there was anything wrong with her.

When she turned back, she met his eyes.





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