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My Lovely Wife--ASHLEY
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Daughter number 4--RACHEL

I don't always live in the "DOGHOUSE", most of the time I can stay inside with my family.

We are a christian family with deep southern values. We believe that there is a GOD that created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it. We believe that a family should stick together through thick and thin, and pray for guidance from our Heavenly Father.

A little about me--

I am employed at HELEN KELLER HOSPITAL AMBULANCE SERVICE as a Paramedic/Supervisor. This position allows me to help others in need. I believe that this is one of the greatest things a person can do is to comfort the weak and weary.

Currently my position allows me to not only work on an ambulance, but I also get to work in management as a Supervisor at the Service with eight personnel under me on a daily basis.

I am trained as a FIRE FIGHTER II--HAZ MAT TECHNICIAN working with the Colbert County Haz-Mat Response Unit. We are the only organized haz-mat unit in northwest Alabama. This has caused us to be called to rescue persons trapped in transportation accidents, contain spills at rail accidents, and industrial accidents.

Since 1991 I have been involved in training EMT's at NORTHWEST SHOALS COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Here I teach EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

In 1992 I also began training for the Alabama Fire College assisting the Florence Fire Department, Florence, Alabama. Thanks to this I have received my Fire Instructor I certification.

I attended school in Cherokee, Alabama, a small town in northwest Alabama. After high school I attended the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where I majored in music education and entered Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Later I received my paramedic training at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

I am an avid history buff. I read a lot of material relating to the formation of our country. Other areas of interest include: Religious History, Medical History, my Family History, and Freemasonry.

The best book I have read, and still read is The HOLY BIBLE . This is the greatest guide for mankind ever written.

PROMISE KEEPERS organization has been a great experience for me during the past year. After attending the conference in Memphis, TN, in October, 1996, I have read the New Testament (NIV) that was given to each man in attendance. I also, got an extra copy that I gave to a friend that helped to lead him closer to God. In 1997 I attended the conference in Birmingham, Alabama. It rained two days of "Holy Rain" as well as the wet stuff. In 1999 I attended the conference in Columbia, South Carolina. In our local area we meet each quarter for breakfast. If there is a local group in your area, please attend.

Freemasonry at the Tucker house is a thing of the past and future. As you see below on the "link" to my Mother and Father. Daddy was a member of Iuka #94 where served as JD in 1959. He was also a member of Washington #36 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for a number of years while living in Alabama.

I am currently involved with my local lodge Littleville Lodge #881 where I serve as the Senior Warden and "Webmaster". I am also the State of Alabama, USA, Representative for the Global Fraternal Network

Now for a little more fun:

Check out NASCAR ON LINE . This is one of the true family activities still going strong.
Dale Earnhart will be missed in our home!

Go BRAVES . The Atlanta Braves, America's team. When the "Braves" are on TV, the other shows have to take a back seat.

View pictures of my family--






Links you should visit:

The PROMISE KEEPERS site on the WWW. An organization that is helping men return to their duties.
The University of Alabama, Crimson Tide. Football and More. Waiting for you.

Please visit DONNA JEAN musician and friend. Former member of the Grateful Dead.

THE CHEROKEE NATION A great link for those of Cherokee Indian decent.

Please come back soon. This site will be changing from time to time.
Last update July 7, 2001

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