Hi my dearest fellow SLAVEs. My name is Jeanne, and I am a dedicated 17 year old UK SLAVE.

me Opened as of December 2000, this is my personal website dedicated to my experience of the 'Luna Sea Concert Tour 2000 BRAND NEW CHAOS ACT II in Hong Kong'. This time in Hong Kong was a most important experience to me...as this was the first ( and last -_-;;) time I was to see LUNA SEA live in concert. I travelled all the way from the UK just to see them :P This site pedicts my experinces leading up to the gigs, including the announcement of the 'drawing the curtain' T_T, as well as meeting Luna Sea at the airport. I have also written reports on both the gigs on the 10th & 11th of Nov. This was one of the most historical moments in my life!! Also I have some exclusive personal photos to show u of the airport & the two HK gigs!!!

Love Song
Luna Sea's last single 'Love Song' was released on 8th November 2000. The Lyrics (romanjii and translated)
My visit to the HK International Airport on 9th November 2000, where I had my first 'personal' incounter with Luna Sea!! ^_^ Report, photos and newspaper clippings! Plus - what happened to the card I made for the arrival of Shinya & Aya's baby girl Rin
HK Press conference
The press conference held at 5:00pm in HK. Translation & photos
10th Nov (first gig)
Report on the first day's happenings leading up to the gig, the gig itself and after the gig...Complete with photos!!!
11th Nov (second gig)
Report on the second day's happenings leading up to the gig, the gig itself and after the gig...Complete with photos!!!
"Drawing the curtain"
My feelings on this. Luna Sea's official Internet statements translated, and Sugizo's message sent to all members of the Sephirot mailing list...
A tribute to all my friends I met in HK, old and new, and to the all the things we shared Luna Sea related eg. Our loves, the gigs and...s h o p p i n g!!!

Thanx, my dear fellow SLAVEs

If you have any comments you can contact me at pinkprince@lunasea.co.uk, or alternatively write it in my HTML gear guestbook...
Also anyone who wants to talk to me online, my ICQ number is 66993383. Hoping to hear from you!
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