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Welcome to my page!

You've just arrived at the home page I've built for my webdesign class. I'll be telling you a little bit about myself, sometimes with cool sound effects.

So... about me. I'm sixteen (born Dec 20, 1985) and I live in Potomac, Maryland. I'm a total pop culture junkie, and I love to read. (see the "why i'm a big nerd" page for more on that). I go to Winston Churchill High school, with aspirations toward college. I got a 1430 on my SATs. (Go me!)

Hmm, what else?

  • I'm a proud member (and MIT mom) of Aviva BBG #642 RAH!, part of D.C. Council BBYO. Hit the BBYO International website for more info on a really cool organization. I've been in BBG since the eighth grade, and I love it.
  • I've been playing guitar for about two years now. While I still lack rhythm, I'm becoming scarily competent. Here's my guitar.

    I've started making Livejournal icons, which have a page of their very own. Fell free to check them out.