Holly King is Our Favorite Ditzy Blonde!

Holly King has entered the Big Brother House! This 23-year-old from Los Angeles is out to kick some serious ass. The lively, funny, witty, ditzy, blonde is out to win, and we want her to we're behind her 100%.

At this website you'll find more about Holly, learn all about her Hollyisms, The Bird Game, and whats going on with her in the house.. This website is your #1 place for Holly fun.

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November 11th - We're back!

Holly King online is back and better then ever. Holly is doing an interview I sent her, and that should be up also. Plus we have opened the Holly King Online store! Holly King Online Store has plenty of cool stuff including t-shirts with Holly quotes, magnets, underwear and a lot more! Be sure to stop by!

August 10th - Holly emails us!
Hello to all my sweet sweet sweet fans, I can't believe how sweet this website is about me I'm in love with all of you and the maker of this site, reading every-things posted made me cry! Living in that house with all those meanies made me feel all people are really cruel but seeing this site as well as many others are making me love humans again! I thought I was only going to trust cats for-ever and people suck! Thank you soo much for putting the sunshine back in my life after getting out of that Hell! Just so everyone knows for the record I do not have a twin I'm a one and only Holly not Molly, and I'm 23 not 27 I think people thought I was a twin because I used a fake name in a movie I did a year ago, and I claimed I was older on a MTV show I did a longggg time ago because there was an age limit, and I had a fake ID! So hope that helps you all with any confusions! Again I love all of you and Thanks from Holly, Bubbles, Madame and allll other cats I save in the future in the fans name I pray amen!
July 29th - Holly Is Evicted

:( Holly is evicted 7-1. I hope that Holly visits this website so she knows that a lot of people love and care for her. I hope Holly visits this site, and we all this shes amazing.

Go Holly! You will always be in our hearts.

July 24th - Go Holly!
Holly just confronted Diane about her lying to her about liking her. Holly said, "That fucking bitch, she's been lying the whole time." Holly ran outside, and screamed at the trailer trash, gutter mouth, Diane! Go Holly! She tried to be nice to Diane, and Diane was just a bitch to her.

July 24th - Holly King Girl With A Big Heart
At this website, we just want everyone to know that we support Holly, because of her huge heart. Today she said she always gives people the benifit of the doubt, and that proves what type of person she is outside of the Big Brother house. People may dislike her because of her bubbly personality, but no matter what, you can tell this girl has a big, warm heart. People in the house have used that against her, but no matter what, she's going to come out a better person. We love you Holly!

July 24th - Holly kisses Jase!
Today, while Jase was in the shower, Holly leaned over and kissed him! Poor Holly :( there are no good guys in the house. Marvin's a pervert, Drew doesn't have a backbone, Cowboy is engaged, Scott thinks hes the hottest thing since sliced bread, and Jace's face looks like the moon with all the craters on it. Hopefully when she gets out of the Big Brother house, Holly can find a real man.

July 23rd - Holly is nominated, again :(

Drew has nominated Holly and Jennifer for eviction. Scott and Jase are pissed, and are going to veto her, and there is tension between the four horsemen. It seems like Drew is a spine-less prick.

July 22th - Holly's playing everyone?

Holly is such a great player right now. She has turned each of the four horsemen against them, and Scott and Jase are fighting for her. Holly is the best player in the game because she is planting seeds and making every single person distrust everyone. Although everyone wants her out, there are bigger fires to put out. Holly is going to go far!

July 22th - Go Holly!
Go Holly for telling Lori off. Lori showed her true colors by not even saying she was sorry, when Holly had true feelings to want to be friends with Lori. Go Holly for telling her how she feels.

July 19th - Holly is vetoed!

Holly is vetoed by Jase! Marvin put up Karen up in her place, all part of the four horsemen's plan.

July 18th - Does Holly have a twin?
Recent speculation says yes. Some days in the house her voice sounds softer, and her hair is lighter. This could also explain why Holly talked to Diane about Jase (since Holly knew Diane hated her). This could turn out to be an interesting twist in the house.

July 17th - Holly is nominated for eviction.

Holly is nominated for eviction by Marvin :(. Although in his speech he told both of them it was because of game, we all know the truth behind it. Over the past two weeks Holly and Lori we're saying Marvin was sexually harassing them (which he was.

July 17th - Holly and Jase are no more!

After one week, the Big Brother couple is up in the air. Last nights episode showed Holly and Jase at eachother's throats, while the live feeds have them cuddling and back together again. Only time will tell with this crazed relationship. (We think Holly can do much better then Jase.)

July 15th - Did Holly win Head of Household?

There has been speculation over the internet about if Holly won HoH. Some say she wrote a 99, while other's say it was 77. After a close look, this website, and many others believe that Holly wrote a 77 as her answer. There's always next HoH!

July 15th - Will hates Holly!

Will likes to talk about people behind their backs, especially Holly. Recently he called her a "skanky whore" and that he hates her. Poor Holly, hopefully karma will kick Will in the ass.

July 14th - Is Holly King like our favorite Big Brother 3 House Guest Amy Crews?

It's official! Marcellas Reynolds on the CBS internet show House Calls has referred to Holly to be like Amy. Many others have made this reference before, as both rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in the beginning, but everyone grew to love them.

July 12th - Holly and Jase the first Big Brother 5 couple?

Holly and Jase are the first Big Brother 5 couple. They flirt constantly, and have kissed a few times. Holly enjoys playing the Bird Game with Jase, and Jase has told Holly that he's got her back. Is Holly playing him, or is it a crush? And does Jase like Holly as well?

Here's What Others Say About Holly:

John (14 - Canada): I love Holly! Aww, she's so sweet <3, and funny. How can you not love her? Obviously Jase does.

Lindsay (17 - Pennsylvania): Holly is the bomb! Not only is she sexy, she can make you laugh for hour on end. Anyone who dislikes Holly needs to go!

Erin (15 - California): Holly is representing all blondes everywhere, and doing a damn good job of it too. Holly needs to win to show that blondes are beautiful, but smart as well.

Kevin (16 - Pennsylvania): Holly King is by far the sexiest houseguest ever. She's so hilarious, and I hope she wins. Go Holly!

Marissa (31 - Michigan):At first you may hate Holly King, but after a while you grow to love her. She has a great sense of humor, and is playing everyone in the house so well. She is truly playing a great game, because no one sees her as a threat, and we want her to know that Michigan is behind her.

Janice and Connie (30 - Kansas):Hello, My friend and I are 30 and 40ish old women, and have been watching BB5 (too much,lol). We, too, thought bad of Holly in the beginning but there was that little niggle about her and wow were we wrong! Holly is awesome, sweet, and a real person. We just want to smack some people on that show who the only reason who treat her like crap is because they want to be her, in her position, and don't have a clue how she does it. They don't get Holly does it by being herself, ditzy and all, she trods along being the same person. We just want to mother her, and don't want her to be hurt.

Whatever happens on the show, we hope Holly knows what a wonderful human being she is and she is right, she should not have to prove herself to everyone because of her looks. My son has his first girlfriend who reminds me of Holly, and I would have never thought he would have the ditzy blonde, but like Holly she is making my son a better person. That is what life is about and Holly should be proud.

Alot people in America and in the BB house may be stupid about Holly, but there is whole lotta people who adore her. I hope her career explodes when she gets out, and those wannabes who questioned every comment out of her mouth like it was a lie get theirs.

When it is all said and done, Holly should be proud of herself either way. Holly is a class act.

Shannon (23 - California):Holly is a wonderful, amazing, human being who is unfairely treated by her looks. She continues to inspire so many people, and continues to show that she is a good person. She has been nice t every single person, and has only blown up at Diane because of all the horrible things Diane has done. Diane should be ashamed, and Holly she be proud for knowing what a wonderful person she is.

Someday I hope she reads this, so she knows people love and support her. Go Holly, and break every single streotype anyone has ever put on you.

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