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HONEYCRACK - Birmingham Edward's No. 8
22 February 1995

Review of Honeycrack, supporting Weezer, at Birmingham Edward's No.8 on Wednesday 22 February 1995. Written by Paul Travers, photo by Chris Casey, taken from KERRANG! No. 535 (4 March 1995).


Let's get it out of the way right now. Of course there are elements of Honeycrack's sound that remind you of the Wildhearts. There's a similar approach in that top tunes and Pop sensibilities are attached to a Heavy rock framework, and a couple of the songs have that 'Turning American' stomp. But the biggest similarity is that both bands take the best bits of the past 30 years' Pop, Punk and Rock, and turn them into their own unique sound.

There are three guitars going but there's no swamping, just a constant melodic buzz. the newly-shorn CJ and cohort Willie (sporting a hairstyle that can only be described as 'German stormtrooper's helmet') share vocal duties and complement each other beautifully. The harmonising brings a Beatles or Cheap Trick thing to mind, and helps to further define Honeycrack's sound, but this is much more than a two-man exercise - the whole band just click together, and you'd never have guessed this was their first ever gig.

The stage invader who thought it impressive to hop onto a two-foot high stage and then flop off again might have been wearing a Wildhearts T-shirt, but Honeycrack look set to make their own name shine for themselves.

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