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June 25 200 - The remaining Honeycrack t-shirts and the ps. The Unreleased Demos CD are available from the 369 Records Shop, see Merchandise for details.

Member news: The Jellys, CJ's band, have just released their third CD (see SugarPlumFairies, Willie's band, are continuing to work their debut CD (see Pete is now in Unamerican, they support The Who across the US this summer (see

August 13 1998 - Honeycrack - p.s. The Unreleased Demos.

Honeycrack have released their unreleased demos on CD. The CD contains seven new songs and three live tracks recorded on the final tour.

For information on ordering the CD please contact me.

June 20 1998 - Unreleased Demos.

As some of you are aware before Honeycrack split demos for several songs for a second album were recorded. Recently at record fairs a stall has been selling a VERY POOR quality tape of these songs - so poor in fact that the chorus on one is lost all together.

Willie wants to know whether anyone would be interested in getting a CD of these demos - so that at least they sound like they were recorded in a studio rather than a casstte recorder in a gale.

There are eight songs, one of which - Never Giving Up - was played on the final tour.

So, are you interested? Let me know if you would be prepared to buy this should Willie decide to get copies pressed up.

The more people who are interested will probably mean this goes ahead. Obviously we need a minimum number of orders to make this financially viable.

Further details will be available soon.

April 22 1997 - Honeycrack have split up. Here is the message Willie sent to the mailing list to explain the situation.

Dear All,
I am sorry to have to tell you, (as you may or may not have heard), that Honeycrack is no more. There are many reasons for this, most of which are business related and would bore you. I can tell you for what it is worth that we are all still on good terms. Infact, I have just finished recording Mark, Pete and Hugo's new band, The Bugs, and I'm sure you will enjoy them. CJ's new band The Jellys will undoubtedly be playing live around the country before too long and I also hope to be doing some recording with him in the near future. I've h eard a couple of tracks from his recent demos and they are great.
Meanwhile, my new outfit is called the Sugar Plum Fairies. As of the moment I'm still recording and recruiting. I'm hoping Rob will keep you informed of all of our individual intentions through the web etc.
I hope this e-mail gets to you before the 29th of April. Some of you will have seen promotion for a gig at the Borderline which we were supposed to be playing. I had hoped that we might play this gig as a last one off gesture to say goodbye, but democratic decision decided against it. I could have perhaps recruited a couple of other players for the one gig, but I hope you feel as I do, that Honeycrack was five people and to play a final show with less than four originals is somewhat defeating the point of a last 'goodbye from all of us' gesture.
Within the next month or so we will be releasing (probably as mail order only) a handful of unheard Honeycrack recordings. Rob will keep you informed of the details as and when this happens.
Many apologies for any disappointment we caused, and thank you very much for your support throughout the brief but enjoyable lifetime of Honeycrack.
See you soon I hope,
Love Willie

So after two years of no spare time it looks like I will have to get myself a life, until then I will take this opportunity to thank some people that I think were good for Honeycrack...
Firstly of course, the band - Willie, CJ, Mark, Pete and Hugo, without whom we would not have had such great music to listen to. And to Steve Williams, the original drummer.
To the crew... Des (drum tech), and at varying times - Ant "so why does the engine not work when you put petrol in the diesel tank" (guitar tech), Shawn (guitar tech), Gary (tour manager) and Shirt (the best sound guy out there).
To the people at Epic who actually did something for the band (the list of those whose job it was to do something and who didn't is far too long to go into) - Bernie (A+R), Fun (press) and the Alternative Promotions team around the country, a group of peo ple who certainly worked hard and believed in the band (if only the people in the head office had been so helpful / dedicated), paticularly those who were always helpful to me... Scott (W. Midlands), Catherine (E. Midlands) and Dave (South).
To the managers Steev and Tim at MIM.
To Harvey Lee and EG.
And of course to all of YOU for supporting the band.

There are now Information pages for the three new bands:

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