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Welcome to an unofficial fan site

 Cassidy Friends
 Monthly Netletter for Cassidy Fans

For fans of Jack, David, Shaun, Patrick, Ryan Cassidy, Shirley Jones, Marty Ingels and Evelyn Ward

Last updated in June 2009

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The Cassidy event we have all been waiting for!

Shaun Cassidy as Writer and Producer
David Cassidy as David Gallagher
Patrick Cassidy as Patrick Gallagher
Ryan Cassidy as Set Designer
Melissa Cassidy as Choreographer


ABC Family Channel


Series premiere this summer.

Photo: The Cassidys ride the PF bus


Cassidy Friends has received


Playing: "It's Up To You"

Shaun Cassidy sang this beautiful song cowritten with Bill Mumy and David Jolliffe
for Shaun's Born Late album.

Bill Mumy (November 2008): "I wrote that bit. And I wrote the verses, music and lyrics, which are kinda sappy... Shaun Cassidy and David Jolliffe wrote the chorus, which is pretty good! Ancient teen pop history... I think the harmonies were mostly Michael Lloyd's production. I didn't play or sing on the record and I wasn't there for the recording session."

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