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I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

Hi My name is Murray (Muzz Dogg).
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My interests are:
Cooking, Photography and Music.

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anti horse abuse ribbon

Great Picture of a Land Rover Ambulance straight from the British Army

cute dog

Great picture of a Lotus Cortina Mk.I and also a good Mini!!

cute cat

Some of my Favourite Cars!!

The World!!

Anyone up for a game of Tetris?


Falcons..Falcons..Falcons!! Some more of my favourite cars!!

Splatering Warrior

Valiants - One of the best performance cars ever!!! Valiants also have Mopar Engines!!!!


Some Great Links!!!

The Beatles!!Good Beatles Page!!!!!

ZosoGreat Led Zep Page!!

one of my good friends home page! (Stumpy)

Horseshoeone of my other good friends home page! (Reddie) (Horseshoe!!)

Go The Eels!! My favourite Sydney Footy Team , Go The Eels!!!

Triple J!! My favourite Sydney radio station!!

Recovery!!" One of my favourite music shows!!

Australian A Great Television Channel in Australia!!

Valiant Charger A Great Valiant Club of Western Australia!!!!(Mopar)

Aeroflot!A Great!!! Russian Airline!!!

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Well I'll be seeing you later people's, please come back and visit again. Also mail me if you like.

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