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Title -Tonio K,

Tonio Who????

I expect most visitors to this page may not be familiar with Tonio K.  To start you off right, here is a bio on Tonio that Arista Records was putting out circa 1982.  Actually, I think long time Tonio fans will find this pretty good reading too.  I can not vouch for the accuracy of this bio!!! Additional insight on Tonio can be gained by reading his thoughts on the Ten Most Significant Contributors to the History of Recorded Music.  If you are really bored, you could also check out the autograph I have from Tonio (ooooh, bet you are impressed).   

I have no idea why Tonio K's web presence is as limited as it is (verses, oh let's say... Pamela Anderson Lee), but there are a few of us out there that are trying to address the "Pamela gap". After browsing through this site, be sure to visit "The Unofficial Tonio K. Homepage".  It is an excellent site -- clearly the most extensive coverage on Tonio on the web.

After creating some of the finest albums you could ever wish to hear, Mr. K. tends to just write songs for other folks these days. Clearly, our loss. Back in the days when he was making records, he produced the following masterpieces:

  • Life in the Food Chain  
    Read the review declaring this the "Greatest album of all time"
    Here is
    another commentary on Foodchain
  • Amerika
    Read the review declarings this the "Greatest album of all time" 
  • La Bomba
  • Romeo Unchained  
  • Notes from a Lost Civilization
  • Ole'  
  • Rodent Weekend (NEW RELEASE!!!)

Tonio Tidbits

Six degrees of Tonio

Sure, take a big star like Kevin Bacon, and in six movies you can tie him back to nearly any other actor.  Kid's stuff.  Try doing the same with Tonio and other musicians... now THERE is a challenge.  Check out the "TonioKlinks" I have provides so far.  This process is both fun AND informative. Send me a note if you think you can give me a musician I can't tie to Tonio in six steps... I dare ya!

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