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List of characters and descriptions:

Simpsons household

Homer Simpson [new]-overweight father, 35 yrs. old, safety inspector at nuclear power plant, loves beer and TV
Bart Simpson [new]-underachieving brat, 4th grade, loves mischief, hates family
Marge Simpson [new]-overparenting mother of Simpsons, 34 yrs. old, housewife, dislikes change
Lisa Simpson [new]-intelligent Simpson child, 2nd grade, hates Bart, overlooked middle child
Maggie Simpson-Simpson baby, 1 yr. old, shot Mr. Burns, doesn't talk, loves pacifier and animals


Abraham "Grampa" Simpson-Homer's father, widower, forgetful, in Springfield Retirement Castle
Patty & Selma Bouvier-Marge's older twin sisters, unmarried, 40 yrs. old, work at DMV, hate Homer
Grandma Jackie Bouvier-Marge's mother, disappointed in Marge, has Marge's hair
Herbert Powell-Homer's half brother, bankrupted by Homer's car, made baby translator

Power Plant

Charles Montgomery Burns-81 yr. old boss, needs Smithers, greedy, fragile
Waylon Smithers-Mr. Burns trusty sidekick, gay?, loves Mr. Burns
Lenny & Carl-co-workers

Springfield Elementary School

Principal Seymour Skinner-principal of school, hates Bart, hates mother, actually some other guy but i dont know name
Mrs. Edna Krabappel-Bart's 4th grade teacher, separated from husbands, seeks lover
Miss Hoover-Lisa's 2nd grade teacher, strict, boring
Mr. Largo-bandleader, Lisa's music teacher
Otto Mans-school bus driver, loves rock & heavy metal
Groundskeeper Willie-Scottish school janitor, strong, accent
Superintendent Chalmers-superintendent, hates Skinner

Classmates, friends, enemies

Milhouse Van Houten-Bart's spit brother & best friend, big nose & glasses, stupid
Martin Prince-brainy class president
Sherri & Terri-purple-haired twins, smart, love to tease Bart
Nelson Muntz-big bully
Jimbo Jones, Kearney, Dolph-"worst" kids in town:J-tall, K-pudgy, D-short
Janey Hagstrom-Lisa's friend
Ralph Wiggum-stringy haired classmate, dum, eats paste & crayons, son of police chief
"Bleeding Gums" Murphy-blues sax player, died

Homer's friends

Barney Gumble-bachelor, slob, always at Moe's, drunk, belches
Larry-always at Moe's, drunk

Grampa's friends

Jasper-white-bearded complainer at Retirement Castle
Herman-one-armed owner of military antiques store


Ned Flanders-Homer's next door neighbor, loves God
Maude Flanders-Ned's wife, housewife
Todd Flanders-Flanders miniature golf playing son
Rod Flanders-Flanders son
Hans Moleman-hapless driver with cane and eyeglasses
Ruth Powers-new neighbor, rebel

Springfield Civil Servants

Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield-town founder, killed bear
Chief Clancy Wiggum-police chief, stupid, absent minded
Diamond Joe Quimby-town mayor, sneaky, takes bribes
Eddie & Lou-cops


Krusty the Clown-hosts 'Krusty the Clown Show', Herschel Krustofsky, Bart's hero
Sideshow Bob Terwilliger-Krusty's sidekick, in jail, hates Bart, criminal
Sideshow Mel-Krusty's new sidekick, doesn't speak, uses horn
Itchy & Scratchy-violent cat and mouse team on Krusty's show
Troy McClure-actor, host of everything


Kent Brockman-channel 6 newsman, hosts 'Smartline'
Arnie Pie "In the Sky"-KBBL traffic reporter


Rev. Timothy Lovejoy-Pastor of church, panelist on 'Gabbing about God'
Helen Lovejoy-his wife


Moe-owns Moe's tavern, a popular hangout
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon-Indian Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Snake-professional hold-up artist, criminal
Dr. Julius Hibbert-Simpsons family doctor
Lionel Hutz-misrepresented attorney, hasn't won yet
Dr. Nick Riviera-shifty doctor, affiliate of Lionel Hutz, invents stuff
Dr. Marvin Monroe-psychiatrist at Family Therapy Center, host of radio call-in show

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