by An Annonymous-Nighthawk Commando

                Hannibal had the master plan,
            he was always on the jazz.
               Face was always scamming,
            he had that certain pizzazz.
               Murdock could fly without a plane,
            he was a little nutty.
               B.A. was strong and fierce,
            but with kids he was putty.

              The guys came together though,
           through a job in Vietnam.
              They are on the run from the law,
           because of a Generals sham.
              Sometimes they go separate ways,
           but return when someone is in need.
              The military closes in as you can hear,
           Murdock say "Faster you faithful steed".

              They leave Col. Decker,
           in the dust.
              To Decker you can hear them say,
           "Eat my dust".
              This tale is short but sweet,
           I hope you enjoyed this treat.
 *******************************   THE END   ***********************************

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