spendies lead to bendies

the sunday people, may 23 1999

soccer ace matt le tissier`s bride-to-be gets her kicks out of being spanked as punishment for spending sprees.

busty soap star emily symons donned a schoolgirl outfit to act out steamy fantasies with a secret lover - behind her first husband`s back.

the 29-year-old actress, who plays marilyn fisher in tv`s home and away, begged to be punished if she had been on a wild spending spree. the spankings were followed by passionate sex.

the saucy signal for a spanking from middle-aged actor chris farries - whom she nicknamed nunkie - was: "spendies leads to bendies!"

but last night chris warned england and southampton star le tissier, 30, that she may want him to become a superstriker, too.

le tiss, who met emily when she was in panto at southampton, plans to marry her as soon as her divorce comes through.

chris said: "there are two reasons why i am talking to the sunday people. the first is to warn le tissier of how his bride-to-be has behaved in the past.

"just days after marrying her first husband she was playing around with me. le tissier should be warned she could well cheat again.

"the second reason is that emily has young fans through home and away and thousands of kids watch her every year in panto.

"the children look up to her. but i know that she has another very naughty side."

chris, now 51, hit it off with the pint-sized aussie blonde when they appeared in panto together three weeks after her wedding to drummer nicholas lipscombe.

they enjoyed a backstage fondle as she played a princess and he a villian alongside john inman in jack and the beanstalk at bristol hippodrome.

soon the pair were locked in a torrid affair in which kinky emily...

chris soon learned what turned her on after he jokingly threatened to smack her for wasting money at a video shop.

chris said: "she confessed she owed fines of about 20 because she had forgotten to take some videos back.

"i said she deserves a good hiding. she was sat on the sofa next to me laughing.

"then i suddenly grabbed her, put her over my knee and smacked her four or five times - she didn`t fight it off. i gave her some good firm smacks.

"we were laughing. the whole thing was just fun.

"i told her to take the videos back or it would happen again.


"and it did happen again. after that first time we had several spanking sessions together."

their raunchiest session came as they celebrated christmas.

in home and away viewers know marilyn as the straight-laced wife of school headmaster donald fisher.

but that day she dressed as a school pupil, revealed chris.

he said: "we agreed once that emily would dress up as a schoolgirl for my christmas present.

"i went to woolworths, and spent 12 in the school uniform section on a pleated skirt, a white shirt and knee socks. at home i found a matching tie.

"she came round to my flat dressed in a smart suit with black stockings underneath.

"she giggled when she saw the uniform then she put it on." chris found a cane in the theatre`s props department - and then set a tape recorder going to record a souvenir of the romp which took place.

she agreed to pose for photos as a saucy souvanir.

on the tape emily can be heard calling him "sir" and saying she needs punishing for not returning some videos to a shop.

he can then be heard playfully spanking her eight times on her bottom with the cane as she tells him in a baby voice, "i`m sorry."

chris said: "it was a fantasy game. she understood that `too many spendies leads to bendies`.

"if she spent too much at harrods she had to bend over and be spanked.

"we both thought it was great fun."

their role-playing spanking sessions became a regular event.

in another tape emily can be heard arriving late for her meeting with chris at his flat in covent garden, central london.

chris said: "i told her she was threequarters of an hour late and would have to be firmly punished."

in a saucy letter to chris emily confesses she is looking forward to their next session saying her "bottom stinging in anticipation of the thrashing i am going to get."

chris said: "emily loved to fantasise and some of our spanking scenes came out of the book curtain by michael korda.

"it features scene between an actress and her older uncle. when she`s been over indulgant she goes to him and he `punishes` her. i did smack emily quite firmly - you can hear on the tapes that there`s a good crack of the cane. but we both really enjoyed it. our sessions were great fun.

"i asked her once why she like to be spanked.

"she said she felt it did her good to be reined in - to be taught a lesson every now and again. she never had an objection."

spanking scenes were followed by passionate sex sessions.

chris remembers: "after the spanking we would be very intimate. we were lovers. we knew we were cheating on nicolas but it just happened.

"i do remember that our love-making wasn`t the screaming and bed-rocking sort."


it was just three weeks after her wedding when emily had her first back-stage love scene with chris.

chris said: "i thought it was all my birthdays and christmases rolled into one.

"i was just coming to terms with being a middle-aged old man. suddenly here`s a gorgeous 23-year-old creature who lets me caress her boobs.

"i knew she was married but i`m a hot-bloodied male. i was single. i thought it was fair enough."

and chris doesn`t think he was the only villian making a play for the panto princess.

he said: "during the pantomime emily started disappearing behind various parts of the set with two crew members.

"cast and crew never mixed in theatre - it was obvious that something was going on."

but chris continued his affair. he said: "there is no fool like an old fool but i was in love with her and in a small way i still am. she was utterly adorable."

the affair ended abruptly when chris visited emily as she performed as snow white in panto at sheffield.

"she told me she had a 25-year-old boyfriend who was a millionare stockbroker and she was off to paris with him."

husband nicolas, living in london and still struggling to pay off wedding debts, was also dumped.

now as le tissier prepares to marry emily, chris warns: "the ruthless and cold side of emily that led her to abandon everyone is something he should be aware of.

"i saw the way she treated nic and i would not have been happy to be legally attached to her.

"i had the most fantastic year and a half and i regret nothing.

"le tissier`s probably thinking he`s got the most amazing girl - she`s probably dressing up in a football kit and he`ll think she`s great.

"but le tissier should be aware what she`s capable of and just what she got up to with me."

emily is so cane and able

here is an excerp from one of chris and emily`s saucy tapes

chris: mirror , mirror on the wall...

chris: who is the wickedest nunkie of all?

emily: (giggling)

chris: come in. quater of an hour is acceptable.

emily: no. i apologise dreadfully for being so late.

chris: i know. you know the routine.

emily: i know but....

chris: threequaters of an hour is totally unacceptable.

emily: i know, but i had to catch a taxi....

chris: i don`t want you excuses. you know the position.

(sound of slapping of cane)

chris: come on...

emily: no. it was because another lady was late i wasn`t....

chris: two for three quaters of an hour. put your bag down.

chris: how are you?

emily: ok.

chris: no. how are you positioned?

emily: well, don`t throw something new into the routine that i don`t know.

chris: bend over

emily: oh god.

(swish of cane)

emily: (shrieks)

(sound of cane again)

emily: (more shrieks).

chris: we won`t be late again will we?

emily: no-dles.

chris: no-dles.

emily: hello nunkie.

chris: hello. better that way. all over now.

(sound of them kissing)

emily: i knew you were going to....

chris: well. by twenty past it was starting to be a smack offence.

emily: a smackable offence.

chris: (indecipherable)

emily: aaah. that is a lovely painting.

chris: look, since you mentioned about nicolas i did drop a large hint to him so...

emily: good about that was he?

chris: i`ve got to find the appropriate photograph.

emily: yes.

chris: now would you like a little g&t to settle you down before you go off?


chris: well you don`t have to have one.

emily: errm. yes i will have just a small one.

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