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Seven Days
When the White House is destroyed, and both the President and Vice President are killed, a race against the clock begins with Frank Parker taking on the mission of his life. Aided by a time machine, Parker must gather information in the present, and travel seven days into the past to alter reality and avert this terrible tragedy.

The Gettysburg Virus
A mutated Ebola virus wipes out nearly everyone on the BackStep team To save their peers, Parker is sent back by a dying Olga to trace the roots of the fatal illness. At the same time, Parker has to make sure he doesn't alter history even more by exposing himself to the disease.

Come Again?
Talmadge decides to authorize the use of BackStep in order to save the man with the secret to cold fusion. Olga and Parker grow closer when they're paired together for an assignment to prevent the death of the important scientist, but a time-loop malfunction causes them to keep repeating the same mission over and over.

A tanker truck filled with a deadly acid explodes killing 86 people, including 11 delegates from North Korea in town for peace talks. Parker's mission to prevent the bombing on Washington's Embassy Row results in the death of his ex-wife's fiancee when he hesitates while preventing the explosion during a jewelry heist.

The United States is in danger of being taken over by terrorists, Operation Backstep is put into effect. However, a maladjustment in the sphere causes Parker to be "split" while traveling back to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. His double has a markedly different personality.
Part 1

Parker must eliminate his evil clone to help save the United States from a fanatical dictator who has used the threat of a nuclear attack to force the President to resign and declare martial law.
Part 2

Shadow Play
A young secretary goes underground after the company she works for, (a front for a National Security Agency data analysis office) is destroyed in an explosion. She's the number one suspect, and Parker is sent back in time to collar her. But he takes her side, helping her to keep one step ahead of the those who want her dead or alive.

As Time Goes By
Just as Parker and Olga start to become romantically involved,Olga's husband, a Chrononaut long presumed dead after disappearing on a Russian time-travel flight years before, reappears from the future to claim his wife and is invited to join the BackStep team. Parker and Ramsey suspect that he has a secret agenda.

Donovan commits an inexplicable act of violence while he and Parker are being honored at the White House, which leads Parker to a shocking discovery about their military past -- he and his buddies were hypnotized and later ordered to assassinate world-renowned scientists.

HAARP Attack
A U.S. operations communication center is taken over by foreign terrorists who deceive U.S. soldiers into bombing a U.S. base overseas. Something goes wrong with the BackStep, leaving Parker thinking he's a ten year old boy.

Last Card Up
After a disastrous confrontation between a cult and the U.S. government, Parker is sent back in time to undo the event. He and Olga masquerade as husband and wife to infiltrate the compound in order to prevent an explosion that will damage foreign relations. Complications: A reporter finds out the existence of Operation BackStep, breaking the story to the world.

Last Breath
A Russian submarine gets trapped on an ice shelf, its nuclear fuel accidentally released in a terrible toxic spill. To prevent a mutiny and possible nuclear disaster, Parker attempts to restore order on a crippled Russian submarine controlled by an egomaniacal officer.

Parker must go back to prevent the assassination of a hit man about to provide vital information on terrorist organizations. After a particularly rough time-jump Parker is killed; or so it seems to the grieving BackStep team. Now a disembodied Parker must somehow convince Olga he's not dead.

Daddy's Girl
The Vice-President's illegitimate daughter, an Air Force flyer, is shot down behind enemy lines in Bosnia. After she's killed along with her rescue team, Parker must jump back in time to join the rescue mission in Bosnia and assure its success.

There's Something About Olga
Olga is kidnapped and replaced by a look-alike, with the intention of stealing Operation Backstep's secrets. An unexpected glitch: Then new Olga takes a real shine to Parker --- she might even love him to death.

A Dish Best Served Cold
A former BackStep pilot sabotages the sphere, forcing the team to hunt for the original time-travel machine hidden in the Amazon rain forest.

Vegas Heist
A Sudanese gang robs to raise money to free an enslaved village, but it goes awry; the BackStep crew hits Las Vegas for some Rest and Relaxation.

Parker exposes a cover-up involving UFOs and aliens when the BackStep crew takes action to avert a toxic spill.

Parker must find and terminate a code breaker responsible for the deaths of CIA operatives, but balks on the assassination when he learns the code-breaker is an autistic savant.

Parker must prevent an alien in Roswell from escaping and wreaking havoc at a nuclear reactor, killing thousands. Parker discovers a secret lab with remnants of the Roswell, N.M., crash site, including an alien hooked up to life support.

Two additional episodes were filmed for the first season, but were not shown due to similarities to current events at the time they were scheduled to be broadcast. They are:

For the Children
Parker must avert the deaths of schoolchildren when the demands of subway hijackers are not met.
This episode did, in fact, surface during season two, just after the first three episodes. It did create the phenonmenon of Donovan's disappearing and reappearing goatee.

Act of God
After a terrible plane crash is determined to be "just another accident," a jump back in time is canceled and Parker decides to quit the program in disgust.

Thanks to Jan Morehouse for posing the question and Doctor TOC for providing the answer.

Note: These descriptions come from TV Guide and other sources. Thus, I do not attest to their complete accuracy. If you've got better information, email me

The Backstep Team Regular Cast

Jonathan LaPaglia
Frank Parker

Don Franklin
Craig Donovan

Norman Lloyd
Isaac Mentnor

Justina Vail
Olga Vukavitch

Nick Searcy
Nate Ramsey

Alan Scarfe
Bradley Talmadge

Sam Whipple
John Ballard

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Season Two
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The Football
Parker and Olga race to prevent the end of the world when the President's "football" --- his special briefcase with atomic weapons launch codes --- is stolen and handed off to a rogue's gallery of street characters, one of whom triggers a missile attack that prompts a retaliatory strike.

Pinball Wizard
Parker must convince a teen cyber-punk that she is the linchpin in a disgruntled geek's plan to launch missile attacks against the Pentagon.

Parker finds himself attracted to a powerful supercomputer named Claire until the machine decides to de-activate all nuclear weapons.

For the Children
Parker goes AWOL after his request for a Back-Step mission to save children from terrorists is denied.

Two Weddings and a Funeral
After saving Olga from a plummeting scaffold, Parker agrees to marry the Russian, only to learn that he really married her doppelganger, a psychotic former KGB agent. Meanwhile, the team investigates terrorists who have targeted the Statue of Liberty.

Walk Away
Ballard has a piece of an alien spine grafted onto his own to cure his paralysis, unaware the side effects include a takeover of his consciousness by a sinister extraterrestrial.

Sister's Keeper
Parker hunts for Olga's younger sister, a hustler who is running from Russian mobsters in Las Vegas.

The Collector
Parker feels responsible when a murderer escapes from prison to resume his savage killing spree and selects Olga as his next victim.

Love and Other Disasters
Parker backsteps to prevent an explosion from disrupting the wedding of a European princess to an Arab prince, unaware the culprit is in the wedding party and preparing to strike again.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The disappearance of a top-ranking admiral leads to a stormy reunion between Parker and a former flame when her vessel tangles with the Chinese off the coast of Taiwan.

Time Gremlin
A backstep taken to prevent a devastating earthquake is complicated when Frank picks up a grisly passenger --- a time gremlin who wreaks havoc with Parker's mind and the NSA's operations.

Buried Alive
Fighting to free himself from deep within a mine shaft following the crash of the Sphere, Parker flashes back to his own youth when survival meant taking life lessons from the boxing ring and his mentor, Father Kelly.

The Backstepper's Apprentice
Parker and the sphere pass through a jetliner in flight and inadvertently pick up a hitchhiker ---- a young boy who realizes what has happened and takes advantage of the opportunity to redo the worst week of his life.

Deja Vu All Over Again
Talmadge is coerced into taking a vacation. While away he gets kidnapped by terrorists and takes a suicide pill to ensure that no secrets are revealed. Parker backsteps to save the life of their fearless leader. After backstepping Parker is unable to accomplish the mission as he has too many incidences that trip him up along the way. But as luck has it he gets caught in a loop, with another chance to save Talmadge and make right everything he could not the second time around.

Space Station Down
Parker must convince a captain allow him to board a NASA space station and deflect the course of a meteor speeding toward Earth. He arrives in time to prevent one catastrophe, only for another to take its place.

The Cuban Missile
A long awaited match in America for a talented Cuban boxer, the adopted son of Fidel Castro, turns into a potential nuclear incident when the young man is assassinated in the ring. Because it is a matter of honor, Parker must find a way to discredit the Cuban leader in the eyes of the young man who adores him in order to save the boxer's life, and prevent a nuclear attack.

X-35 Needs Changing
Olga warms to Parker (and the thought of being parents) in the cold of Chechnya on a mission to retrieve a genetically engineered infant after Parker's backstep failed to keep the child from being kidnapped from a top-secret lab.

Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?
Ramsey is unwittingly implicated in the crimes of his troubled brother Nicholas, who is responsible for the murder of a U.S. Senator and the bombing of a naturalization center.

Pope Parker
In an inexplicable Back Step glitch, Parker assumes the outward appearance of the man he has come to save from an assassin's bullet. Parker's mind, personality, and soul in the body of the 75-year-old Pope, Sylvester V, creates some unholy happenings in the Vatican and on the "Pontiff's" trip to New York for a delicate diplomatic mission at the U.N.

Witch Way to the Prom
Three boy-crazy teens try to conjure up a prom date for their lovelorn friend, and mistake Parker, on a Back Step, as their mystical creation. Angered by Olga's appearance on the scene, the sorcerers will her an injury, which compromises Parker's hunt for a political terrorist, until he realizes he can use the girls' power to find his man.

Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
When Donovan's sister is murdered at the hands of a neighborhood drug ring, Donovan goes home blinded with revenge, and winds up in jail for murder. The consequences, at the hands of the inmates, prove too much for Parker to accept, and he takes drastic steps in order to force the Agency into allowing him a time trip.

Playmates and Presidents
A mission to save the life of a popular U.S. Presidential hopeful leads to political intrigue when Parker learns the truth about the candidate's disturbing agenda. Parker learns of the candidate's evil underbelly and works to get the man to destroy himself.

The Cure
Krista Ross, a beautiful young doctor find the cure for cancer and then is murdered before she can tell the world. During the backstep, Parker discovers the murderer is a backstepper from the future. He has been sent back to kill the doctor because her cure for cancer also unleashes a worldwide plague. Parker who has fallen in love with the doctor convinces the backstepper to let him be the one to kill her. Instead Parker goes on the run with Krista trying to convince her to give up her research.

Note: These descriptions come from TV Guide and other sources. Thus, I do not attest to their complete accuracy. If you've got better information, email me

The Backstep Team Regular Cast

Jonathan LaPaglia
Frank Parker

Don Franklin
Craig Donovan

Norman Lloyd
Isaac Mentnor

Justina Vail
Olga Vukavitch

Nick Searcy
Nate Ramsey

Alan Scarfe
Bradley Talmadge

Sam Whipple
John Ballard

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Season Three
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Stairway to Heaven
To avert a train spilling nuclear waste into the Colorado River, Parker launches the sphere despite warnings that atmospheric conditions could veer a BackStep off the time line. Suddenly, he encounters the presence of a young woman, killed 20 years earlier and becomes involved in her past life and the catastrophic conditions resulting from her negative discrepancy in the universe.

Donovan puts his resignation from the BackStep team on hold when he joins Parker in Bosnia to prevent the deaths of three U.S. servicemen, unaware of the truth behind troop's encounter with local refugees.

A poisonous kiss threatens the life of a newly elected Colombian president being honored at a White House dinner, so Parker teams with an old friend to try to prevent the incident.

The Dunwych Madness
Unexplained homicidal violence in a nowhere town prompts a Back-Step and a FEMA investigation. The virus-like "madness" of the villagers also strikes Parker and Donovan, and Isaac Mentnor recognizes it as linked to his work in a bio-experimentation project following WWII. New agency member Andrew (Hooter) Owsley comes aboard in time to hack into the CDC database for information on a possible antidote before FEMA carries out a destruct order on Dunwych.

Olga's Excellent Vacation
When Olga melts into Parker's arms in her torrid dreams, she knows it's time for a vacation in a remote mountain location to regain her equilibrium. But a terrorist bomb destroys the Alaskan pipeline wiping her off the mountainside as well. During the Back-Step to reverse the attack, Parker realizes that his aim is as much to save Olga as it is to stop the explosion.

Deloris Demands
Parker rebuffs several phone calls from a voice pretending to be an old girlfriend. The results, however, are catastrophic, as her threats to immobilize San Francisco's air traffic control system are realized. Parker Back-Steps to avert the tragedy, and finds himself prey in a high stakes cat and mouse game in which failure will cost thousands of lives.

The Fire Last Time
Recurring guilty nightmares over his own survival and the deaths of his comrades in Somalia, weaken Parker into delusional behavior during a dangerous Back-Step. Despite Olga's efforts to talk him through the crisis, Parker creates the hallucination of battle, and reenacts the bloody sequence of events while subconsciously attempting to fulfill the primary Back-Step mission.

Parker is abducted, drugged and tortured by a Chechen zealot seeking to avenge his brother's death at Parker's hands during a BackStep. When Parker resists the truth serum, he is injected with a minute tracking device and unwittingly leads the foreign agents to "Never-Never Land."

Top Dog
Talmadge, suffering from an undetected brain aneurysm, displays unconventional behavior and is removed from the BackStep program. But the team suffers added trauma when the new chief, Nathan Ramsey, takes over and rules with an iron fist.

Adam and Eve and Adam
Working in a protected nuke-proof bunker 600 feet below the earth, Olga and Parker are spared the effects of an enhanced neutron bomb explosion which evaporates all life on the planet. But Owsley is not as lucky, developing radiation poisoning which is quickly taking his life.

Head Case
Audio tapes of the President's sessions with his analyst are snatched by two US Secret Service agents operating on behalf of a dangerous Peruvian dictator. On a BackStep to avert the theft, Parker encounters the President's psychiatrist, Grace Weiman, who believes he is an escaped mental patient, until they both become targets of the corrupt White House Chief of Staff.

A BackStep is initiated when a missile test-firing backfires into a slaughter of the top military brass observing the event. Central to the disaster is a missing computer control device, expertly lifted by a beautiful and dangerous international thief working her way up the ladder to the man she wants dead.

The First Freshman
The President faces embarrassment by the college antics of his uninhibited daughter, and appoints Frank Parker to take over as her personal agent. But this seductive, wild child leads them both into jeopardy when she rejects Parker's protection and bolts with some unwholesome friends.

The NSA team is taken in by the arrival of one of its own from seven years into the future who offers them a horrifying glimpse of World War III. Claiming that the prevention of the war is only achievable through a religious assassination in the present time, the Back-Step team must consider the risk to its own future by accepting the messenger's premise..

Crystal Blue Persuasion
Infected by alien properties while on a NASA space mission, returned hero Commander William Streck keeps the information secret while being evaluated by the Back-Step medical team, including Olga, who falls prey to his supernatural powers of persuasion. Lured into a romance, she becomes impregnated with his extra-terrestrial babies, and fights bitterly against Parker who must intervene.

Empty Quiver
Destined for a BackStep to prevent a nuclear terrorist from destroying Washington D.C., a last minute error sends the sphere into the past without a pilot. The surprised NSA team now existing seven days earlier, realizes that it must discern what the mission was, how deadly, and how to solve the puzzle. Left without many clues, Isaac Mentnor recalls the aid of a young woman psychic he depended upon for a mission many years before, and presses her into service despite her emotional instability.

A last minute power surge aborts a sphere engagement and thrusts Parker not only into another time, but into another reality --- one based on his deepest intentions. Crossing the time/space continuum, he finds himself in a world of repression and rebellion where his status and relations become unpredictable, and his fellow agents pose a threat to his well-being.

The Final Countdown
A nuclear missile base in Wyoming does not receive the Presidential stand-down order, and proceeds to launch a retaliatory missile attack against North Korea. But when Parker BackSteps to insure the recall order is received, he finds that protocol in the chain of command makes reasoning virtually impossible.

The Brink

Airs: After Hiatus


Airs: After Hiatus

Note: These descriptions come from TV Guide and other sources. Thus, I do not attest to their complete accuracy. If you've got better information, email me

Regular Cast

Jonathan LaPaglia
Frank Parker

Don Franklin
Craig Donovan

Norman Lloyd
Isaac Mentnor

Justina Vail
Olga Vukavitch

Nick Searcy
Nate Ramsey

Alan Scarfe
Bradley Talmadge

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