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ANDREW KEEGAN( in Camp Nowhere'1994', Independence day'1995', A Pig's Tale, Big Helpathon, The Skateboard Kid II, Thunder Alley, Fight for justice: the Nancy Conn story(94-95?), guest played in Boy Meets World, guest played in Step by step),
AUSTIN O'BRIEN( My girl 2 (Nickolas)'1994', Last actionhero'1993', Lawnmoverman'1992', Lawnmoverman 2'1995', Prehysteria'1993'),
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER( Terminator '1984',Terminator 2:Judgement Day(The terminator)'1991', Hercules in New York'1970', The long goodbye'1973', Stay Hungry'1976', Pumping Iron'1977', The Villain'1979', Conan The Barbarian'1982', Conan the Destroyer'1984', Commando'1985', Red Sonja'1985', Raw Deal'1986', Predator'1987', The running man'1987', Red Heat'1988', Twins'1988', Cindergarden Cop'1990', Total Recall'1990', Feed'1992', Dave'1993', Last Action Hero'1993', Baretta's island'1994', Junior'1994', True lies'1994, Eraser'1995'),
BRAD RENFRO( Tom and Huck(Huckelberry Finn)'1995', The Client'1994', The Cure'1994', Sleepers'1996', Telling Lies in America'1997', Apt Pupil'1997'),
BRAD PITT( Interview with the vampire, Cool world'1992', Cutting class'1989', Happy together'1989', Contact'1991', Johnny Suede'1991', Thelma & Louise'1991', A river runs through it'1992', California'1993', True Romance'1993', The Favor'1994', Legends of the fall'1995', Seven'1996', The Devil's Own'1996'),
BRANDON CALL(Step by step(John Thomas), Baywatch (Hobbie), The adventures of Ford Fairlane'1990', The black Cauldron'1985', Blind Fury'1990', For the boys'1991', Jagged Edge'1985', The richest cat in the world'1986', Warlock'1991'),
BILLY WARLOCK( Baywatch, Mr. Payback'1995', Baywatch;Panic at Malibu Pier'1989', Honor thy father and mother:The true story of the Menendes Brothers'1994', Swimsuit'1989'),
BALTAZAR GETTY(Lord of the flies'1990', Young guns 2'1990', Judge Dredd'1995', December'1991', Where the day takes you'1992', My hero have always been Cowboys'1991', The pope must die'1991', Natural born killers'1994', Lost Highway'1996'),
BARRET OLIVER(Never Ending story(Bastian), Cocoon'1985', Cocoon;The return'1988', D.A.R.Y.L.'1985', The secret garden'1987', Uncommon Valor'1983'),
BRUCE ROBERTS( Home and away(Nick)),
BEN SAVAGE( Boy meets world(Cory), Clifford'1994', Little monsters'1989', Bad girls don't cry...they get even'1992', ),
BRIAN WHITE(Country(singer)),
BRIAN BONSALL(Family Ties(Andy), Blank Check'1994'),
BRIAN GASKILL( Models Inc.(David), All my children(Bobby)),

CHARLIE SHEEN( i Hot shots 1'1991', Hot Shots 2'1993', Courage Mountain'1989', Young guns 1'1988', Red Dawn'1984', The Boys next door'1985', Ferris Buller's day off'1986', Lucas'1986', Platoon'1986', Wisdom'1986', The Wraith'1986', No man's land'1987', Three for the road'1987', Wall street'1987', Eight men out'1988', Backtrack'1989', Beverly Hills Brats'1989', Major League'1989', Never on Tuesday'1989', Tale of two sisters'1989', Men at work'1990', Navy SEALS'1990', The Rockie'1990', Candence'1991', Deadfall'1993', Gettysburg'1993', National Lampoon's loaded weapon 1'1993', The three musketeers'1993', The Chase'1994', Major League 2'1994'),
CHAD ALLEN( Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman, Help Wated:Kids'1986', TerrorVision'1986', Code of Vengeance'1985', Murder in New Hampshire:The Pamela Smart story'1991', A Death in California'1985', Camp Cucamonga'1990'),
CHRISTIAN SLATOR( True Romance'1993', Broken Arrow, Young guns 2'1990', The legend of Billie Jean'1985', The name of the rose'1986', Personal Choice'1988', Tucker:The man and his dream'1988', Beyond the stars'1989', Cleaming the cube'1989', Heathers'1989', The Wizard'1989', Pump up the volume'1990', Tales from the darkside:The movie'1990', Mobsters'1991', Robin Hood:Prince of theives'1991', Star Trek VI:The undiscovered Country'1991', FurnGully...The last Rainforest'1992', Kuffs'1992', Where the day takes you'1992', The last Party'1993', Untamed heart'1993', Jimmy Hollywood'1994'),
CHRISTOPHER CASTILE(Step by step(Mark), Beethoven's 2nd'1993', Beethoven'1992'),
COREY HAIM(Lucas'1986', Firstborn'1984', Murphy's romance'1985', Secret admirer'1985', Silver bullet'1985', The lost boys'1987', License to drive'1988', Watchers'1988', Dream a little dream'1989', The dream machine'1990', Fast getaway'1991', Prayer of the rollerboys'1991', Oh;What a night'1992', The double O kid'1993', Fast getaway 2'1994', National lampoon's last resort'1994', Dream a little dream 2'1995'),
DEVON SAWA 7 September 1978( in Casper(Casper)'1995', Little Giants(Junior)'1994?95', The boys' club'1995?96', Robin of Locksley(Robin McAllister)'1996', Odyssey(serie), Lonesome Dove(serie), Wild America'1996', Now and Then'1995', guestplayed in canadian-series Kidzone, Night of the twisters'1996'),
DANNY DYER( I mördarens fotspår 3(swedish name)),
DAVID CHARVET( Baywatch(Matt)),
DAVID TAINTON( Vinterviken'1995'(Swedish)),
DEAN CAIN( Lois and Clark:The new adventures of Superman(Clark), The stone boy'1984'),
DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA( Are you afraid of the dark?, F/X2'1991', The boys' club'1996'),
DIETER BRUMMER(Home and away(Shane)),
DAVID LASCHER(guestplayed in Step by step, Camp Nowhere'1994'),
DAVID SCHWIMMER(Friends, Crossing the bridge(John Hendersen)'1992')

EDDIE FURLONG 2 Augusti 1977( Terminator 2: Judgement Day(John Connor)'1991', Little Odessa'1994', American Heart'1993', Pet Sematary 2'1992', A home of our own'1993', Last action hero'1993', Brainscan'1994', Before and After(Jacob)'1996'),
ETHAN HAWKE ? 1970( Before Sunrise'1995', Explorers(15 years old)'1985', Dad'1989', Dead Poets Society'1989', Mystery date'1991', White fang'1991', A midnight clear'1992', Waterland'1992', Alive'1993', Floundering'1993', Rich in love'1993', Straight to one'1993', Reality bites'1994', Quiz Show'1994', White Fang 2;Myth of the white wolf'1994', Search and destroy'1995'),
EMILIO ESTEVEZ 12 Maj 1962( Young guns '1988', Young guns 2'1990', Tex'1982', Nightmares'1983', The outsiders'1983', Repo man'1984', The breakfast club'1985', St.Elmo's fire'1985', That was then;This is now'1985', Maximum Overdrive'1986', Wisdom'1986', Stakeout'1987', Never on a Tuesday'1989', Men at work'1990', FreeJack'1992', The mighty ducks'1992', Another stakeout'1993', Judgement night'1993', National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1'1993', D2:The mighty ducks'1994', D3:The mighty Ducks'1997'),
ELIJAH WOOD 28 Januari 1981( North'1994'(North), Back to the future 2'1989'(Mickey-video game kid), Avalon'1990'(Michael Kaye), Internal Affairs'1990'(Sean), Paridise'1991'(Willard Young), Forever Young'1992'(Nat Cooper), Radio flyer'1992'(Mike), The adventures of Huck Finn'1993'(Huck Finn), Flipper'1996'(Sandy Ricks), The War'1994'(Stuart Simmons), The good son'1993'(Mark), "Dayo"'TV-1992'(Dayo), "The Witness"'TV-1992', "Child in the night"'TV-1990'(Luke))
ESTEBAN 'STEVEN' POWELL( Dazed and confused (Carl) '1993' ),
EVAN RICHARDS(Down and out in Beverly Hills(Max Whiteman) '1986', The dream machine'1990', One cooks; and other doesn't'1983', Twilight zone-The movie'1983'(Young Mr. Agee))

FREDRIK THOMANDER( Vildsvin(some swedish band)),
FREDDE GRANBERG( (Ronny och Ragge )Byhålan(Swedish), Tratten & Finkel(Swedish)),
FRED SAVAGE( The wonder years)
GARETTE RATLIFF HENSON( D3: The Mighty Ducks '1996'(Guy Germaine), Casper '1995'( Vic), Three Wishes '1995'( Neighborhood Teenager), D2: The Mighty Ducks '1994'(Guy Germaine), Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All '1994' (Ned), Adventures of Huck Finn, The '1993'(Billy Grangerford), For Their Own Good '1993'(Younger Jody), Captain America '1992'(Young Tom Kimball), Mighty Ducks, The '1992'(Guy Germaine), Radio Flyer '1992'(Chad), Return to the Blue Lagoon '1991'(Young Richard), Arachnophobia '1990'(Tommy Jennings), Her Secret Life '1987'(Scott)/Code Name: Dancer /One For the Dancer ),
GÖRAN GILLINGER( En fyra för tre(swedish), Rederiet(swedish), Petry tårar(swedish)),
HARRISON FORD 13 Juli 1942( The fugitive(Richard)'1993', Star Wars'1977', Dead Heat On a Merry-Go-Round'1966', Journey to Shiloh'1968', Getting straight'1970', American graffiti'1973', The conversation'1974', Heroes'1977', Force 10 from Navarone'1978', Apocalypse Now'1979', The frisco kid'1979', Hanover street'1979', The empire strikes back'1980', Raiders of the lost ark'1981', Blade runner'1982', Return of the Jedi'1983', Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom'1984', Witness'1985', The Mosquito coast'1986', Frantic'1988', Working girl'1988', Indiana Jones and the last Crusade'1989', Presumed innocent'1990', Reguarding Henry'1991', Patriots'1992', The Devil's Own'1996'),
HENRIK SCHYFFERT(I manegen med Glen Killing(swedish), Nilecity(swedish), Percy tårar(swedish)),
IAN ZERING( Beverly Hills 90210(Steve)),
JONATHAN JACKSON 11 Maj 1981(General hospital(Lucky Spencer), Camp Nowhere'1994'),
JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS 8 September 1981( Man of the house (Ben), Home Inprovment(Randy), Pinocchio, The voice of little Simba in The Lion King, Tom and Huck'1995', The bradys, Wild America'1996'),
JONATHAN BRANDIS( Never Ending story 2:The next chapter'1990', SeaQuest 2032, Born Free 2'1996', Stephfather 2'1989', Ladybugs'1992', Sidekicks'1993', Sista chansen'1996', The Good King),
JOEY LAWRENCE 20April 1976 ( Blossom(Joey), Pulse'1988', The Goofy movie'1995', Oliver & Co'1988'(Oliver), Radioland murders'1994', Summer rental'1985', ),
JAMIE WALTERS( Beverly hills 90210'1995-96', Bed and breakfast'1992'),
JARED LETO( My so-called life(Jordan), How to make an american quilt'1996', The cool and the crazy, Golddiggers in Blue Mountain),
JOHNNY DEPP 9 June 1963(What's Eating-Gilbert Grape(Gilbert)'1993', Cry Baby'1990', A nightmare on Elm street'1984', Edward Scissorhands'1990', Benny and Joon'1993', Platoon'1986', Private resort'1985', Freddy's dead: The final nightmare'1991', Arizona Dream'1993', Ed Wood'1994', Don Juan DeMarco'1995'),
JAMES MARSDEN( Boogies diner(Jason), Second Noah),
JASON MARSDEN( Torkelsons, The Goofy movie'1995(Max)', Hocus Pocus'1993', Mr. Saturday Night'1992', gueststarred in Step by step as Rich Halke, Guested in Boy meets world),
JASON JAMES RICHTER (Free Willy(Jess)'1993',Free Willy 2, Cops and Robbersons'1994', Neverending story III'1994'),
JUSTIN WAHLIN( Lois and Clark (Jimmy), Serial mom'1994, Childs Play 3'1991', Perfect Harmony'1991''),
JOHN STAMOS 19 August 1963( Full House, Never to young to die),
JOSEPH "JOEY" GORDON-LEVITT( The Juror'1995', 3rd rock from the sun, Hi honey I'm dead'1990', A river runs through it'1992', Beethoven'1992', Angels in the Outfield'1994', Holy matrimony'1994', gueststarred in Roseanne),
JON & JEREMY TORGERSON(Animal Crazy, Second Noah),
JOHNNY GALECKI(Backfield in motion, Roseanne, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'1989', A Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon'1988', Prancer'1989'),
JADRIEN STEELE(Mosquito coast'1986', Secret garden'1987'),
JASON PRIESTLEY(Calender girl'1993', The boy who could fly'1986', Thumbstone'1993', Teen Angel'19', Beverly Hills 90210),
JESSE SPENCER(Neighbours(Billy)),
JEREMY LONDON(Angel falls, Lily Harper's dream),
JASON LONDON(December'1991', The man on the moon'1991', Dazed and confused'1993', Safe passage(Gideon)'1995'),
JEREMY LICHT(Twilight zone-The movie(Anthony), Father Figure'1980', Lois Gibbs and the love-Canal'1982', Lots of luck'1985', The next one'1984', The Ordial of Bill Carney'1981', Skeezer'1982'),
JOSEPH MAZZELLO(Presumed innocent'1990', Jersey girl'1992', Radio flyer'1992', Jurassic park'1993', Shadowlands'1993', The river wild'1994', The cure'1995'),
JOSHUA JACKSON(Robin of Locksley(John Prince)'1996', Mighty Ducks, D2;Mighty Ducks, Andre, D3:The mighty Ducks, guested in Champs),
JUAN DIEGO BOTTO(Zorro(Fillippe), 1492:Conquest of paradise'1992'(Diego))

KIM SULOCKI(Tre kronor(swedish), guest in Emma Åklagare(Carlos part 1)(swedish)),
KEANU REEVES( Speed'1994', Flying'1986', River's Edge'1986', Young blood'1986', The night before'1988', Permanent record'1988', The prince of Pennsylvania'1988', Bill & Ted's excellent adventure'1989', Parenthood'1989', I love you to death'1990', Tune in tomorrow'1990', Bill & Ted's bogus journey'1991', My own private Idaho'1991', Point break'1991', Bram Stoker's Dracula'1992', Freaked'1993', Much ado about nothing'1993', Even cowgirls get the blues'1994', Little Buddha'1994', Johnny Mnemonic'1994'),
KIRK CAMERON(Growing Pains(Mark), Kirk(Kirk), Like father like son'1987', Listen to me'1989', The best of times'1986', Starflight;The plane that couldn't land'1983', Vise Versa'1988'),
KEIFER SUTHERLAND( Young guns 1+2, The bad boy, At close range, Crazy moon/Huggers, Stand by me, The killing time, The lost boys, 1969, Bright lights; Big city, Promised land, Renegades, Chicago Joe and the showgirl, Flashback, Flatliners, The nutcracker prince, Article 99, A few good men, Twin Peaks;Fire walk with me,The three musketeers, The cowboy way),
KEVIN BACON(Sleepers'1996', National Lampoon's Animal House'1978', Starting Over'1979', Friday The 13th'1980', Hero At Large'1980', Only When I Laugh'1981', Diner'1982', Forty Deuce'1982', Enormous Changes At The Last Minute/ Trumps '1983', Footloose'1984', Quicksilver'1986', End Of The Line'1987', Planes, Trains & Automobiles'1987', White Water Summer/ Rites Of Summer'1987', She's Having A Baby'1988', The Big Picture'1989', Criminal Law'1989', Flatliners'1990', Tremors'1990', He Said, She Said'1991', JFK'1991', Pyrates'1991', Queens Logic'1991', A Few Good Men'1992', The Air Up There'1994', The River Wild'1994', Apollo 13'1995', Murder In The First'1995'),
LEONARDO DI CAPRIO 11November 1974(What's Eating Gilbert Grape(Arnie)'1993', Streets of New York;Basketball diaries'1995', Growing Pains(Luke)'1985-1992'(90-91?), Critters 3'1992', The quick and the dead'1995', Poisen Ivy'1992', This boy's life'1993', Romeo + Juliet'1996', Total Eclips'1995', Hundred and one nights'1995', Marvin's room'1996', Titanic'1997', The inside man, The foot shooting party'1996-97', Parenthood(series), guestplayed in Roseanne, Santa Barbara'1988', The outsiders(series)'1991', The new Lassie(in 2 episodes), in over 30 comercials, Educationfilms),
LUKE PERRY( Beverly hills(Dylan), Terminal Bliss'1992', 8 Seconds'1994', Buffy the Vampire Slayer'1992'),
LASSE LINDROTH( stand-up-comidian(swedish)),
LES HILL(Home and away(Blake)),
LEAF PHOENIX( Parenthood'1989', Space Camp'1986', Russkies'1987'),
MALACHI PEARSON 12 June 1981( the voice of Casper'1995' as a ghost, Guested in Family Ties (Josh who came to Andy's day-care-center as deaf)),
MATT LE BLANC( Friends(Joey)),
MICHAEL MAHONEN( Road to Avonlea, Giant Steps'1992'),
MICHAEL J. FOX 9 June 1961(Back to the future'1985'(Marty), Midnight madness'1980', Class of 1984'1982', Teen Wolf'1985', Dear America'1987', Light of day'1987', The secret of my success'1987', Bright lights;Big city'1988', Back to the future 2'1989', Casualties of war'1989', Back to the future 3'1990', Doc Hollywood'1991', The hard way'1991', For love or money'1993', Homeward bound;The incredible journey'1993', Life with Mikey'1993', Where the rivers flow north'1993', Greedy'1994', Family Ties(Alex), Spin City'1997-'),
MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR(Saved by the bell(Zack)),
MACAULAY CULKIN 26 August 1980(Home alone'1990', Home alone2:Lost in New York'1992', Richi Rich'1994', Getting even with dad'1994', My Girl'1991', Only the lonely'1991', Rocket Gibraltar'1988', See you in the morning'1989', Uncle Buck'1989', Jacob's ladder'1990', The nutcracker'1993', Pagesmaster'1994', The good son'1993'),
MATT DORAN(Home and Away(Damian)),
MAT STEVENSON(Home and Away(Adam)),
MATTHEW BRODERICK( The lion king(Simba's voice as an adult)'1994', Cable guy'1996', Max Dugan returns'1983', Wargames'1983', 1918/Story of marrige'1984', Ladyhawke'1985', Ferris Buller's day off'1986', On valentine's day'1986', Project X'1987', Biloxi blues'1988', Torch song trilogy'1988', Family business'1989', Glory'1989', The freshman'1990', Out on a limb'1992', A life in the theater'1993', The night we never met'1993', Mrs. Parker and the visous circle'1994', The road to Wellville'1994'),
MARK CURRY(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper),
MARIO LOPEZ(Saved by the bell(A.C. Slater)),
MARKY MARK(Streets of New York;Basketball diaries),
MICHAEL GALEOTA(Bailer Kipper's P.O.V., Bushwacked),
MATTHEW PERRY(Edwards and Hunt: The First American Road Trip '1997', Movie Fools Rush In '1997' (Alex Whitman), Friends '1994' TV Series (Chandler Bing), Getting In aka Student Body '1994' (Randall Burns), Parallel Lives '1994' (Willie Morrison), Home Free '1993' TV Series (Matt Bailey), Deadly Relations '1993' TV (George Westerfield), Sydney '1990' TV Series (Billy Kells), Call Me Anna '1990' TV (Desi Arnaz Jr.), She's Out of Control '1989' (Timothy), Dance Till Dawn '1988' TV (Roger), A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon '1988' (Fred Roberts), Second Chance aka Boys Will Be Boys '1987' TV Series (Chazz Russell). And he's guested in: Caroline in the City, The John Larroquette Show, Beverly Hills, 90210, Dream On, Who's the Boss?, Empty Nest, The Tracey Ullman Show, Growing Pains, Charles in Charge ),
MAX ELLIOTT SLADE(3 Ninjas'1992'(Colt), 3 Ninjas kick back'1994'(Colt), Parenthood'1989'(young Gil)),
MATTHEW LAWRENCE(Brotherly Love(Matt), Mrs Doubtfire(The Son)),

NICLAS OLUND( i Tre kronor (Klimax)and in Drömprinsen(Jacob), Kådisbellan(swedish)),
NOAH HATHAWAY(Neverending story(Atreyu), Battlestar;Galactica'1979', It's my turn'1980', Separate ways'1981', Troll'1986'),
OMAR GOODING(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper),
PATRICK SWAYZE 18 August 1954( Dirty dancing'1987', SkateTown;U.S.A.'1979', The outsiders'1983', Uncommon Valor'1983', Grandview;U.S.A.'1984', Red dawn'1984', Young blood'1986', Steel dawn'1987', Tiger warsaw'1988', Next of kin'1989', Road house'1989', Ghost'1990', Point break'1991', City of joy'1992', Fatherhood'1993'),
PETER SETTMAN( (Ronny och Ragge), Byhålan, Tratten & Finkel(Swedish)),
RIDER STRONG(Boy meets world (Sawn), Summertime Switch, Benefit of the Doubt'1993', The last hit'1993'),
RICHARD JACKSON( Saved by the bell:A new class),
RIVER PHOENIX 23 August 1970( Explorers (15 years old)'1985', Indiana Jones and the last crusade)'1989', Mousquito coast'1986', Stand by me'1986', Little Nikita'1988', Running on empty'1988', A night in the life of Jimmy Reardon'1988', I love you to death'1990', Dogfight'1991', My own privat Idaho'1991', Sneakers'1992', The thing called love'1993', Silent tongue'1994', Surviving'1985', Guested in Family Ties as Eugene, as tutor for Alex),
RALPH MACCHIO 4 November 1962( Karate Kid 1'1984', Karate kid 2'1986', Karate kid 3'1989'(Daniel), Outsiders'1983', Up the academy'1980', Teachers'1984', Crossroad'1986', Distant Thunder '1988', Too much sun'1991', My cousin Vinny'1992', Naked in New York'1994'),
RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON( MacGyver, Odd Jobs'1984'),
ROSS NEWTON(Home and away(Greg)),
RYAN CLARK(Home and away(Sam)'-1992-'),
RAFAL ZIMOVSKI(Two different worlds(300 mil do nieba/300 mil til himlen)'1985'),
RORY COCHRANE( Dazed and confused(Slater)'1993', His first roles included a part in a docudrama about drugs on "Saturday Night with Connie Chung" in 1989, and an appearance in an episode of "H.E.L.P." in 1990, before making his film debut in 'A Kiss Before Dying.'),
RODNEY ROWLAND(Above and beyoned),
STEVEN HARTMAN( The bold and the beautiful (Rick)),

SASHA MITCHELL( Step by step (Cody), Spike of Bensonhurst(Spike Fumo)'1988'),
SEAN PATRICK FLANERY( The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Indy)),
STEPHEN DORFF( The Gate'1987', Backbeat'1993', Stulet liv'1990', A son's promise'1990', Do you know the muffin man'1989', Judgement Night'1993', The power of one'1992'),
SHILOH STRONG( House of cards),
SCOTT BAIO(Bugsy Malone'1976', Skatetown;USA'1979', Foxes'1980', Senior trip'1981', Zapped'1982', Diagnos murdererX),
SCOTT WOLF 4 june 1968( Evening Star, The '1996'( Bruce),White Squall '1996'(Chuck Gieg), "Party of Five" '1994-' TV Series (Bailey Salinger), Double Dragon '1993'( Billy Lee), Double Dragon: The Movie '1993', Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde '1993'(Clyde), All I Want for Christmas '1991' (as D. Scott Wolf) .... Choir. TV-apperances: "Blossom" (1991), "Commish, The" (1991) playing "Todd", "Evening Shade" (1990), "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (1990) playing "Brian Sommerville", "Saved by the Bell" (1989) in episode: "Glee Club, The", "Saved by the Bell" (1989) in episode: "Prom, The" , Trials of Rosie O'Neill, The" (1990) ),

TROLLE CARLSSON( swedish voice of Jess in Free Willy)),
TOM CRUISE 3 July 1962( Endless love'1981', Taps'1981', All the right moves'1983', Losin' It'1983', The outsiders'1983', Risky business'1983', Legend'1985', The color of money'1986', Top gun'1986', Cocktail'1988', Rain man'1988', Born of the fourth of July'1989', Days of thunder'1990', Far and away'1992', A few good men'1992', The firm'1993', Mission: Impossible'1996', Jerry Maguire'1996'),
VINCENT KARTHEISER(Alaska'1996', Little Big League'1994', Untamed Heart'1993'(orphan boy), Indian in the Cupboard'1995', Take Over'1997', Master minds'1997'),

WILL SMITH( Fresh prince of Bel-Air, Bad boys'1995', Six degrees of separition'1993', Made in America'1993', Where the day takes you'1992', ID4: Independence Day'1996', Men in Black'1997'),
WILL FRIEDLE( Boy meets world),
WIL HORNEFF( Ghost in the mashine'1993', The Sandlot'1993', Born to be free'1994'),
WIL WHEATON 29 july 1972 (Stand by me'1986', The secret of NIMH'1982', The Buddy system'1984', Hambone and Hillie'1984', The last starfighter'1984', The curse'1987', December'1991', Toy soldiers'1991', The Lair's Club'1993', Star Trek-The next generation(series)),
WILEY WIGGINS( Dazed and confused(Mitch Kramer)'1993', Boys),
ZACHARY TY BRYAN ( Home Improvment(Brad), Guested in Fresh Prince (R 20june-96), Guested in Thunder Alley as Brad),
ZOOEY GREIF(Dazed and confused'1995'(Pentico)),
ZACHARY BENNET (Road to Avonlea(Lukas)'1987', Stjärnorna visar vägen(swedish name)(Lukas)).

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