Holmes In Scale
    Welcome to Holmes In Scale, a website and society
for modeling Sherlock Holmes
and his world. Our purpose is
to encourage, inform and equip
modelers to produce scenes from the Victorian Era in min-
iature, particularly from the
four novels and fifty-six
short stories attributed to
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Imagine
a train layout of turn-of-the-
century Dartmoor, with Basker-
ville Hall overlooking the
Grimpen Mire. Picture a fully
masted model of the ship
Matilda Briggs, or the Lone
Star. Consider a diorama of
Baker Street, or the lair of
Professor Moriarty, or that
vile opium den, the Bar of Gold.
  Watch this site as it develops. As Holmes would say:
            "Come, the game's afoot!"
L'homme c'est rien-l'oeuvre c'est tout.
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