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**The Dragon World of Earth sports many interesting places to see, but the most famous--or notorious--place is the Lookout at the top of Karin Tower. Many have died trying to reach the Lookout, but you seem to have made it quite easily. You are very surprised when Dende, the Kami of Earth himself, comes out to greet you. To your surprise, he welcomes you and proceeds  to take you on a tour of his Lookout. He shows you many rooms, such as the Room of Spirit and Time and the Pendulum Room, but one thing that he does not show you is a long labyrinth of hallways and doors at the back of the Lookout. You ask him what it is, and his reply is that they are "Not for the weak-minded."  Over the course of the rest of the day, you manage to slip away from Dende to explore the mysterious passageway. What you see you will never forget--and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.**

Welcome to Dende's Lookout--surveying the Broken Land since 10/21/00
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                        HOLTRHENZAI'S RANT    ARCHIVED NEWS

4-21-02--Well, I had been putting off updating the pics section for over six months now, but good news!! I finally got around to doing it!!  This new page is easier to navigate, has a good deal more pics than the previous section, and all the links work   (I hope!!)!!  To check it out, click on the ASSORTED DB PICS link at the left part of the screen.  In other news, DB:ED, the new series that I mentioned in my last update, is coming along nicely, with the prologue and the first two parts completely typed out.  Now all I have to do is update!  Expect to see more in the next few days.   I am also, as always, looking for new members to join the Black Star Webring.   If you have a fanficiton site and are interested in joining, email me, or if you have a fic but no site, email me anyway.

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