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Our home page is created in in the 25-5-2001 by me and  my friends in and out of our homeland Palestine. and I'm  founded too  a chat channel in the Mirc chat program in dalnet server .The object of this channel is to make friends and exchange opinions about anything's especially about the Palestinians Justus cause, We can make in the channel discussions about the problems between us  and our enemy  the state of Israel (the Zionism state)

In this Web we mentions our operators in the Holy-land channel like the founder of the channel. all sops .and aops



Palestine is situated in the Asia continent its borders from the west the Mediterranean sea  .from the east Jordan from the south the golf of aqaba  and from the  the north Lebanon

The majority of the populations are Moslems and 10% Christians

The capital of Palestine is Jerusalem

Now and for reason of the  Israelians occupations the majority of our peoples are refuges in many countries 

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shall I compare you with summers days I can not compare you with summers days because the summers days are short and Palestine live in my poetry forever.



Hi knew World

where the victims are Childs womens,olds. Complete  people expulse from his  territories,farms.childs shootings buy the glorious  army of Israel (The democratic state?) the sons of the holocausts! , Are the Jews forgetting the Nazi Holocausts . and makes the same with the Palestinians people ,Are the Jews people forgetting Ana frank and  make thousands of Ana frank but now with Palestinians women's ,Are the Jews forgetting the Nazis and his pilots bombarding the Palestinians camps kills childs.olds.womens and pregnants.Are the Jews forgetting the tortures Nazis and makes the same with Palestinians people without abolition from his constitution

Where is the sons of the holocaust! where is his memorial , where is the human  sensations

Wake up knew world! :(I


Muslim Palestine

Palestine was invaded by Muslim Arab armies which captured Jerusalem in AD638. Thus began 1300 years of Muslim presence in what became known as Filastin.
The land was holy to Muslims because the prophet Mohammed had first designated that his followers must face Jerusalem when praying. The prophet was believed to have ascended to Heaven on a night journey from the area in Jerusalem where the Dome of the Rock was later built. The city was therefore, after Makkah and Medina, the third holiest city of Islam.
The conquering Muslims did not force their religion upon the Palestinians and in fact, it was more than a century before most of them converted. Once they converted, however, they did adopt Arabic and Islamic culture as their own. The Christians and Jews remaining in the country were considered "People of the Book" and as such were allowed control of their communities and guaranteed security and freedom of worship. Such tolerance was -- and is -- rare in the history of religion.
At this time the Muslim empire was ruled by the Umayyads from Damascus and Palestine, as a close neighbor, profited from both trade and religious traffic. In 750, when the caliphate shifted to Baghdad with the Abbasids, Palestine experienced a decline in importance and was somewhat neglected by the new rulers. It suffered unrest and domination by various groups, including Europeans at the time of the Crusades, and later the Mamelukes from Egypt.
As with most of the Muslim world, however, Palestine shared in the golden age of Islam when the Muslim world enjoyed pre-eminence in science, art, philosophy and literature. Greek learning was preserved in no small part by Muslim scholars who, in that way, contributed to the European Renaissance.

The state of Palestine

All territorial claims to the Israeli-held West Bank were ceded to the PLO by King Hussein in 1988. In November of the same year at a meeting of the Palestinian National Council in Algiers, Arafat announced the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
The council also decided to utilize UN Resolutions 242 and 338, together with the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, as the basis for an international peace conference. Then in December of 1988, the United States agreed for the first time to begin direct contact with the PLO.


The Demographic Conflict between the Arabs and the Jews in Jerusalem
since the Basl Conference in 1897

By Nabil Al-Sahly

The Jews did not have any remarkable existence in Jerusalem from the time they were dispersed by the Roman Emperor, Titus, in 70 AD to the end of the Ottoman rule; only two Jewish families were recorded in 1267. The number of Jews rose during the Ottoman rule owing to the tolerance of the Ottomans and the economic and financial pressures exerted by the European States on the Ottoman government. Consequently, the number of Jews rose to 6,000 in Jerusalem in 1525, after less than 10 years of establishing the Ottoman Empire.

The number of Jews continued to rise until the first Zionist Conference was held in Basl, Switzerland, in 1897, during which the issues of settlement and increasing the number of Jews were given great significance. Consequently, all of the organizations participating in that conference did their best to create a new situation in Jerusalem in order to establish the Jewish State in Palestine. As a result, the number of Jewish settlers totaled 28,122, about 61.9% of the population of the city—45,430—in 1897.

Thereafter, the Balfour Promise of 1917 played an important role in allowing the Jews to immigrate to Palestine freely, once again increasing their population to 51,200, about 56.6% of the population of the city. Finally, this number totaled 99,400, about 60.4% of the population of the city—164,500—by the end of 1947.

The Division of Jerusalem: When the Jewish State was founded on 15 May 1948, the area of Jerusalem totaled 21.1 square kilometers, 20 square kilometers of which formed the New Jerusalem. Thereafter, it was divided into the following regions according to the truce treaty in 1949:

  1. The Arab region included 2.4 square kilometers, approximately 11.48% of the city.
  2. The area occupied by Israel included 17.7 square kilometers, approximately 84.03% of the city.
  3. The area belonging to the United Nations included 1 square kilometer, approximately 4.39% of the city.

Israel not only declared New Jerusalem as its capital in 1948, but it also annexed East Jerusalem after it had occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. The formal annexation was declared on 30 July 1980. Since then, Israel has been deporting the Arabs, confiscating their properties, and building numerous Jewish settlements and colonies. On the other hand, Israel also prevented any demographic contact between the city and the other Arab cities or towns in the West Bank, which in turn attracted about 170,000 Jews to live in the newly built settlements. There were about 190,000 Arabs in the city to resist this process, and there were about 50 Palestinian institutions in the city, for example Bait Al-Sharq, which has been visited by many European officials.

In general, the current population of the city is about 700,000, 73% of which are Jews. There are numerous Israeli plans to build approximately 153,000 houses by the year 2010, increasing the population to a total of 817,000, most of whom will be Jews. The first stage will have been completed by the year 2000.

Anticipating the Final Solution: The initial change in the city’s Arab and Islamic map took place when the settlement on Jabal Abu Ghneim was built in order to expand the city limits eastward, northward and southward, and to annex more land to form Metropolitan Jerusalem. Its area will be one-fourth of the total area of the West Bank, which is approximately 5,800 square kilometres. This plan will be carried out before the negotiations concerning some serious issues such as Jerusalem, the refugees, colonies, borders, supremacy and water.

Jerusalem has been at the core of the Israeli colonial schemes since 1948, through 1967 and up to mid-1998 in order to achieve political and demographic goals, especially since the number of settlers has reached 53.3% (170,000) in Jerusalem, 145,000 in the West Bank, and 4,000 in Gaza.

Demographic Struggle: On the other hand, the number of Jews in Jerusalem has risen to 11.1% of the total number of Jews in Israel, which is approximately 4,800,000 as of early 1998. This demographic struggle, which was well-planned by the Zionists since the Basl Conference in 1897, is an integral part of the demographic conflict between the Arabs and the Jews throughout Palestine in order to achieve Jewish demographic supremacy over the Arabs. This Zionist scheme is based on attracting Jews from other cities to Jerusalem and confiscating more Arab land and property in order to build their colonies. This scheme has since been completed as of 1997.

Judaization of the Arab Features: This vehement sweep of settlement in the city in order to Judaize its Arab, Islamic and Christian features has been financed directly by the Israeli government and the rich Jews all over the world. It would require more Arab, Islamic and international efforts to be stopped, otherwise the land will be totally changed. Consequently, an Arab-Islamic fund must be founded to finance the Arabs whose homes would be in danger and to encourage them to grab their estates and not sell them to the Jews through real estate agents in the city. Despite the success achieved by this Zionist scheme during the last 100 years (1897-1997), there are some strong points for the Palestinians as well as the Arabs in this struggle, especially the international resolutions condemning these schemes by the Zionists, such as resolution 478 in 1980, as well as the fact that there are still approximately 190,000 Palestinians and 50 Palestinian institutions in the city.










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