[H]ROv2 - HolyRO version 2

Holy shit!! It's holyro!! Play it, it's good for you!!!!

<New patches>

New patches, HolyRO-v2 v1.0 and [h]RO-data v1.0 are available for download. These files are a must if you want to play HolyRO. You can download them HERE .

<New events page>

The new events page is up. Its purpose is to tell you guys when, where and what events will be conducted.

<Control Panel>

The control panel is open for use. Here are some of the use of the control panel :

  • Announcements for all users
  • Server Information (Forums, IRC, rules, # of accounts/players, # of each class)
  • Who's Online (Athena Only)
  • Full Character Ladder
  • Guild Ladder (Guilds and Castles)
  • Changing Account Options (password, email, gender)
  • Changing Character Hairstyles
  • Money transfer between characters on the same account.
  • Uploading Guild Emblems by Guild Master
  • Item & Monster database

  • There's much more. See it for yourself. The website may load slowly at times and sometimes it says that the "Page can not be displayed". If this happens just click on the refresh button. This is because i'm using two sources one is my computer and the other is the website. So yeah. Click HERE to go to the control panel or click on "Control Panel" =====>

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    I've finished building up a forum site for hRO. You can click HERE to go there or click on "FORUMS" ==>

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    <Server started>

    I’ve finished testing the server. The server's working fine. But do expect some bugs when playing. Some of the features can be seen below:
    •Has 2-1-1 and 2-2-1 jobs. Also known as 3-1 and 3-2 jobs.
    •Custom made NPCs such as warpra, job-changer, etc.
    •New maps.
    •Maximum base level raised to 150.
    •Maximum attack speed increased to 215.
    •Pets can help attack.
    •The pets's status bonus is applied to its master.
    •And lots more. See for yourself. Play this server. IT’S FREE!!

    Posted by [h]RO-GM.


    Monday - Thursday and saturday

    Fridays, sunday and public holidays
    2:00 pm - 10:00 pm Depends (Check hRO irc channel)

    Posted by [h]RO-GM.

    Website started on 11th November 2004.

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    Control Panel








    Irc Channel




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