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The lazy person's secrets to overnight wealth

How to get the bill collectors off your back - LEGALLY! (billcoll.doc)

How to achieve wealth the easy way (ezwealth.doc)

Sure-fire methods of raising instant cash (instcash)

How to get a visa/mastercard with NO credit check (crdtcard.doc)

How to conquer your smoking habit (smoking.doc)

How to Learn The positive weight loss approach (weightlo.doc)

How You can have healthy skin (healskin.doc)

How to get free subscriptions to over 60 magazines (freemags.doc)

How to lower your auto insurance - 9 guaranteed ways (autoinsu.doc)

How to get FREE government grants (govgrant.doc)

How to Establish AAA credit Score in 60 days (aaacredit.doc)

How to raise $200,000 in 24 hours (200kin24.doc)

How to copyright any publication without cost (copyrite.doc)

How to earn thousands reading newspapers ($newsppr.doc)

How to Cut your grocery bills in half (grocery.doc)

How to obtain the luxuries you've always wanted (luxuries.doc)

How to start your own cleaning service (cleanin.doc)

How to make money with bumper stickers (bumper.doc)

How to make money with junk mail (junkmail.doc)

How to own your own million dollar company in 2 weeks (corporat.doc)

How To File A Claim For Government Benefits (claimben.doc)

How To Get Big Dollars In Your Mailbox (dollarsi.doc)



7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic

BONUS #2: Classified Secrets Exposed

- The Art of Writing Classified Ads
- How to Make Your Classified Ads Work
- How to Make a Fortune with Classified Ads
- How to Write Irresistible Ad Copy
- How to Write "Order-Pulling" Ads
- Tips on Writing a Successful Ad
- How to Write Profitable Classified Ads
- How To Write Classified Ads That Get Results Now!
- Secrets of High Money Classified Ads
- How to Code your Ads without Adding Words to Your Classifieds
- How to Effectively Key Your Ads
- How to Avoid Common Advertising Mistakes
- The Do's and Don'ts of Profitable Mail Order Ads
- How "Info-Loading" Can Increase Your Ad's Pulling Power
- Do's and Don'ts when Writing Classified Ads
- Ways to use the word "FREE" in your Ads
- 100 Words that have Sales Appeal
- 1000 Order-Pulling Words and Phrases

Eight Secrets of $100K Home Based Businesses

A manual of success, featuring Eight business strategies of wealthy
small business owners that will show you how to make at least
$100,000 in your home based business.

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