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Here's a list of a things that Goths sometimes wear.

Clothes: Vynal, lace, velvet, leather
-Wearing things made out of vynal, leather, silk, satin, lace, and velvet.
-Fishnet shirts.
-Long coats -18th century Frock coats
-Capes or cloaks
-Dresses and skirts in Victorian, 18th century, or Midieval styled
-Ruffled 18th century shirts.
Leggings: Usually in red or black(all of which can be worn torn)
-Black tights
-fish net stalkings
-striped tights
-Colorful hair extensions
-Tying in nylon or velvety scarves
-Coloring hair different colors
-wearing hair big.
-Doc Martin Boots
-Witch boots
-platform vyal boots
or any other boot that laces up.
-Gloves in vynal, silk, lace, or leather
-Metal lunch boxes
-Fancy walking canes
-Vampire fangs
-Silver jewelry
-Top hats
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