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My "Home" page is just that!  "Home", is the essence of what I am.  To know me is to know that home and homemaking is what I value in life.  I grew up in a loving, nurturing home and have spent my life trying to "keep" it alive.  I have an education in Home Economics and a homemaking website.  I enjoy being "home".  It sounds a little obsessive, I suppose.

After the break up of my first marriage (a very low point in my life),  I had been made aware that a "nasty" rumor had been sent around that upon leaving, I "took" the "home" out of the house when I left!  I was baffled and finally flattered by his comment.  I wondered was it a particular collection, piece of furniture or appliance that I took?  What could I have taken that didn't belong to me?  And then it dawned on me after a time that it was with me wherever I went, no matter what color I painted the walls or where I moved.  It was something inside of me!

I hope to share some of my home with my visitors, not merely a collection that I own or how I've decorated a room, but I hope to share a bi t of myself, what home means to me and who I am.



Please feel free to email me below with your thoughts and ideas about "home"!

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Please be patient, "my home" is a work in progress....

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