Welcome to the Homemade ATV page of Jeff, Alex, and Sam.
Our goal was to build a home-built all terrain vehicle just like this one: Maiden Voyage, July 4, 2002 - Here's the Quad we built:
The above is a picture we stole from the web site of the guys who built and designed it
This was a three generation project.  (Grandpa) Sam was our engineering expert; using the pictures from their web site, he drew up full scale plans and instructions for Alex and Jeff to use.  Alex  and Jeff learned oxy-acetylene welding, and are the production team. Do-it-yourself ATV production began in September, 2001.
Pictures of the ATV in Action
supplies/startup page
Section 1: Center Frame

Section 2: 
Forward Frame

Section 3: 
Seat/Stearing/Upper Frame

Section 4: 

Section 5: 
Rear Trunion

Section 6: 
Assembly and small parts
Instructions, Plans, and PDF BLUEPRINTS; (updated 6/6/02)
Beginning production and pictures
Building experience
How much did it cost? and parts list
Info sent to us by others
Disclaimer:  ATV's are DANGEROUS!!!!!  You could get injured or killed riding them or building them.  Your hair could get wrapped around the axle and rip your head off!!  Don't build or ride one of these.  You will burn your hand when you touch the hot metal! 

You may notice that we are intentionally hiding our identity behind this free web site - that's so your nearest living relative can't sue us after you kill yourself on an ATV.  We have no idea if this design is safe, it probably isn't.  Welding is not safe.  Neither are saws and grinders and drills.  Go buy a commercially made ATV, they are safer and
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