The Homemade Video Game System Project!
HVGP01 Journal Updated 07/25/06

I am embarking on this ambition project and this site will be a type of journal on the progress of this homemade gaming system called the GamePrime.  

The following are the projected capabilities of my first (homemade) video game system.

1.  Sprite based B&W graphics (on par with an RCA Studio II, at least)
2.  Software media coded with a unique, but simple language
3.  Fast and efficient data processing
4.  Hardware that is capable of providing an adequate level of interactivity
5.  Full sound support
6.  30-50% Environmentally correct construction (much of the project will be constructed out of recycled material from common throw-away items)

Most of my experimentation has given me sufficient evidence that this project is likely to be a success which will in turn lead me (and possibly others) to take on more ambitious projects in the future (e.g. color display, a handheld system, etc.).

The goal of this site is to inspire others (without technical or programming knowledge) to take on similar projects (as a unique new hobby).

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More updates and entries to be added soon!
Thank you and to check on the progress of this exciting project every now-and-then if it interests you!

Reck Howard
For more information you can contact me via email.