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Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Wendy and I'm 33 years old. I live in a crappy little city called Utica, NY (don't worry, no one has heard of it). I worked for Partners Trust Bank (formerly SBU Bank) full time, until M & T Bank acquired us. Now I'm currently looking for new employment, while attending SUNY Institute of Technology, Utica-Rome part time in the evenings, in pursuit of my Accounting degree. I've already earned my Associate's Degree in Accounting from Mohawk Valley Community College and I plan on receiving my 4 year degree sometime in the next 10 years.

I'm single, but I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Right and getting married and starting a family. Right now, it's just me and my 12 year old cat named Princess Clawdia and my 2 boy cats, Oscar and Felix who are 9 months old. Princess Clawdia has a better page than me.

My mom jokes around, calling me her "son" - because of my interests. I absolutely LOVE baseball!! I've been to a few major league games, at Fenway Park and at Yankee and Shea Stadiums! I am a HUGE NY Yankees fan, ever since birth. Go Yanks!! Visit my Yankees page for more on my obsession. I also enjoy attending classic car shows. In fact, I like anything that has to do with cars, any kind.

I am a big Brad Pitt fan. I've loved Brad Pitt ever since I saw him years ago in the slasher flick, Cutting Class. I've seen almost all of his movies, but I think my favorites are Ocean's Eleven, Fight Club, Snatch and Interview with the Vampire. In fact, I bought 2 of the Playgirl issues with him naked. I am a little disappointed with the way he's been acting with Angelina Jolie, but hey, he's still HOT! Also, ever since watching The Fast and the Furious, I'm completely in love with Paul Walker. What a hottie!!

I'm a movie buff. My favorite movies recently had to have been Ocean's Eleven and Office Space. I actually work with a Milton look a like. Very sad. Also, just recently I saw Godfather 1 and 2. I always heard they were good, but I never realized how good. They have to be 2 of the best movies I've ever seen. Al Pacino was so young and cute in them.

I also enjoy reading. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Michael Crichton. My favorite books are basically anything Chick Lit, such as books by Jennifer Weiner (Good In Bed is the best Chick Lit book). Right now I'm reading "One Hit Wonder", another chick lit book.

I love all music, especially Usher and Alicia Keys, but I have a particular fondness of 80's music. When it comes to 80's music, it is hard to stump me. I can almost always name the artist and the song. I guess you could say I'm stuck in a time warp (why not? My sister does). My favorite bands from the 80's are Duran Duran, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

which 80s hair band are you?
this quiz was made by colleen

On August 14, 1999, I drove from Utica to Boston to see Duran Duran in concert at the BankBoston Pavilion, now known as the FleetBoston Pavilion. It was the best concert of my life, probably because it was something I had always wanted to do. They can still rock after all these years. I also attended an in-store signing on June 17, 2000 at the Virgin Megastore in NYC. They performed 7 songs and autographed copies of their new cd, Pop Trash. It was a dream come true. I also saw them at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut. On June 4, 2000, I saw Bon Jovi and the Goo Goo Dolls live at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, RI. That was an awesome show. Jon Bon Jovi started the show in the middle of the arena. I basically like anything from the 80's, including the movies. My favorites are The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, St. Elmo's Fire and Pretty In Pink.

Since I spend alot of time online, I need alot of Diet Pepsi to stay awake at work. I'm addicted. I also listen to The Bob And Tom Show on WOUR to keep me going in the morning. They are a riot. Sometimes, they get me laughing so hard, I'm afraid I'm going to disturb my co-workers. They are kind of a light version of Howard Stern.

I'm done talking. I think I've done enough. How about everybody out there tell me a little about themselves. I'm a good listener, once you get me to shut up!! LOL

C.A.R.E. (Catnip Abuse Resistance 

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