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Welcome to Simpsons and Friends, Your Site for the Simpsons. Here I have collected what I believe is the funniest and most interesting multimedia on the web. I would like to note that in no way do I take credit for this content. All the sites I used are listed in the links section. Enjoy!
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     You may have noticed that this site hasn't been updated for a while, and I'm sorry for it. I'll try to add some more stuff here, but I've been busy with school. If anyone has any requests for the If They Mated section, I'd be happy to take them. I'll leave the UST and Murder I Wrote up because almost no one has answered.    

     I added the If They Mated section, and it looks pretty cool. The Selma and Cletus is the best one I made, be sure to check it out. This was a lot of fun, and I like the results, so be expecting more to come in the future.

     I added a new section call Murder I wrote. It's basically a whodunit thing, I give you a crime case and you have to solve it. I'm going to add another section soon, a spin off of Conan's "If they mated", but I'll be using Simpsons characters instead.

     I got the text boxes on the UST and Fan Section to show up. I had to do this by cutting up the blue image so it wouldn't show over the boxes. This works for my browser, but I don't know if it will work for yours. If it looks wierd please e-mail me. And I put up a question for the UST, so go look at it. You should be able to get it, it's pretty easy.

     Just a small piece of news today, if anyone actually is visiting this site. Homer Simpson was called a "god of beer" by Alan Roberts, a New York salesman in a recent article. You can see it

     I've finally decided to reopen this site. Most of you probably don't remember, but I had this site before, although on homestead who sucks because they charge for hosting now. I've added more content and I think it looks a lot better. The UST and Fan Section aren't working because the text boxes don't show up on top of the blue image. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. By the way, I am reopening on the same day I first made the site, and I didn't even mean to do that.
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